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    OscarBarajas reacted to attila in Analog discovery Oscilloscope not working, AWG works fine. Help!   
    Hi @OscarBarajas
    I have added to the previous post a device photo highlighting the PCB area.
    I just notice that you have Analog Discovery (1). The earlier captures are from AD2.
    Is any of the ADG612, AD8066, ADA4940 components heating up?
    The power/heat might be limited by the FB6...
    I have seen some post about the ADG612 getting damaged. This usually results in constant high or low out of scale readings.
    The scope inputs are rated to +/-50V, but higher 100-1000Vs are likely to damage this first IC, ADG612.
    On AD1 FB16 is on the bottom, upper-right:

    The C217 on the top, upper-middle:

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    OscarBarajas reacted to [email protected] in Problems FFT IP CORE v 9.0   
    Here's a link to a post that discusses more about what is required to debug an FFT component on an FPGA, and specifically to what I was trying to describe above.