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  1. I tried with a short USB cable and do not get the error popup. It seems fixed. I shall try the Quick Start tutorials to test if it works OK or if there are any other issues. Thanks for your help!
  2. @attila I was able to try again just now. Uninstalled Waveforms and downloaded the latest one from your link. Still error.
  3. @attila no, I was just adding more information to my post. I will uninstall waveforms and install the latest version from your link and try again.
  4. It is an Analog Discovery 1 I see a red LED glowing on the analog discovery Also do you know how to change the com port to which it connects? I use my laptop to connect other hardware too.
  5. I have an analog discovery and connected with the USB cable to my computer Windows 7 and it gives me this error.
  6. @jpeyron Thank you for the clarification. Perhaps a sentence would have helped, and can still be done: "Click the Start button to generate the learning module page".
  7. New to logic analyzers and wanted to try the first module. pressing 'Start' play arrow on a learning module does not play anything. see attached. Is something broken?
  8. This evening, I felt faint while walking (not even running!) on the treadmill. I had an idea - am wondering if it is possible to use Analog Discovery as an ECG? (electrocardiograph) I am a newbie so am not able to build sophisticated circuits.
  9. I was getting “Device configuration failed (PLL 1)" error. I tried different things. finally, I disconnected the cables and rebooted the laptop - that fixed the problem.
  10. Thank you for replying. Where should I put it - is it a sleeve that snaps around the cable and should it be close to the computer, or close to the Discovery? If you have a picture that would be great.
  11. anil


    Thanks for the link but I am not understanding how it is relevant to building circuits that can be coupled with an android phone?
  12. anil


    I'm Anil and I have always been envious of those who could build electronic circuits - I wanted to invent stuff. Unfortunately, growing up in India in the 1980s, there wasn't much opportunity to learn this. I have a software background and would actually like to build circuits that can be coupled with my android phone.
  13. Thank you for the reply, it worked. Also, what is the small hinged plastic capsule provided in the Discovery case?
  14. I watched this video on Getting Started However, I do not see the same waveforms as in the video. Is my analog discovery working correctly?