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  1. BTW, the jumper J15 was originally set to UART and I moved it to USB after the first reply here.. The UART seems to refer to the J1 jumper - I don't have a cable with a mating connector for that one. Is that the one we're supposed to use?
  2. Thanks for helping. During power up : LED1/2 - no activity steady state : LED3 : solid, LED6, blinking. I'm running Windows 7 and have no problem with the stock (Atmega) Arduino board (Duemilanove from 2009 )
  3. Thank you! That helped. But now, though I get the LEDs lighting up, I still don't have a COM port showing, so I can't do anything with MPIDE. Is there a driver that's needed? Thanks
  4. My first time trying out a chipkit.. so I'm a newbie. I have a USB cable from the PC to the USB port on the WF32 and there doesn't seem to be any life at all. Should I expect at least one LED to light up? No serial port detected either..