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  1. Hi @JColvin -- can I get a PM, too? I did this with the FT2232H on my KCU1500 board. Only, now mine only identifies as a FT232H (not a FT2232H) in FT_Prog. Is this a different scenario or the same?
  2. @vicentiu I have just published a pull request on the public Digilent GitHub repo. I tested this in Vivado 2018.3 and verified that it works there. The U-Boot defconfig needs to be updated as well to properly support the flash on the board but this is a start. I'll be doing a pull request against U-Boot for the other part. @JColvin can you please take a look at this and get the pull request merged, please?
  3. All that needs to be done in this case is add the CONFIG_OF_EMBED option to your U-Boot defconfig file and then recompile. this will embed the device tree inside the U-boot binary image.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it. If I do the changes for the board XMLs and U-Boot defconfig on my own, does Digilent accept pull requests from outside folks?
  5. I have one of the original ZYBO boards (with the VGA D-SUB) and I'm trying to do a modern design. It seems like there's not really much effort in terms of supporting this board in modern workflows. I was unable to get the standard "zybo" Vivado board automation file to work with anything newer than Vivado 2014.4. Specifically, when I use it Vivado doesn't throw any errors but the ZYNQ part in the IPI block diagram has literally no options applied. Looking in the debug log this appears to be related to changes Xilinx has made in the PCW configuration options. My current workaround was to do a design in Vivado 2014.4 and then upgrade it to Vivado 2018.2. I'm seeing a similar "lost to the sands of time" thing in the U-Boot defconfig. The original ZYBO uses a Spansion part for the QSPI. The U-Boot option "CONFIG_SPI_SPANSION" is not turned on by default so attempting to use this flash device within U-Boot will not work. Question to the Digilent mods is whether or not there is a plan to upgrade these so this older board will work at all? I've seen the posts directing folks to the ZYBO-Z10 and ZYBO-Z20 but that seems a bit harsh given that there are quite a few of these boards in the wild. Updating the U-Boot defconfig isn't that hard -- it's literally just a new defconfig for the older board with the appropriate CONFIG_ option specified. Updating the Vivado board files is a *little* more work but it's more just going through with a find-and-replace.
  6. It is January of 2018 and I am having the EXACT SAME issue as reported here, down to all of the details. Please see my thread here: As a debug step I even tried providing Vcc via pin header J7 (to remove issues related to the center-positive plug) and got the same behavior.
  7. I just received my Arty board and it powers up and works just fine over the USB power but when I switch to the barrel connector (and change J13 - the source jumper) it does not power on. It appears to be related to the ADP2384 (IC12) not functioning properly. I used my multimeter and probed around the supply and I see 12.5VDC (the output of the supply I'm using) at the tips of the barrel connector as well as at the inputs on the capacitors on the source side of the ADP2384. However, when I probe the output side of the ADP2384 I am getting output in the small milli-amp range (looks like raw leakage current). Is this a known issue? Is there some other jumper I'm supposed to be setting besides just J13?