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  1. Hi @attila: Thank you for yesterday's reply, that was really helpful! So edit the added signal or bus, make it a Custom signal, that changes the dialog to allow a file import. The file I had intended to import contains time (in seconds) / level (0 or 1) pairs, it looks like this is not really what the Digilent Discovery wants to do? Looks like I need to set a fixed clock and then provide a bitstream with one bit per clock pulse? Not big deal, just would like to clarify. Many thanks for the help!!! clk_data_testreg.csv
  2. Hi @attila: Many thanks for your reply which for some reason I entirely missed. Unfortunately, my pattern generator interface looks quite different from what you show. I have a Digital Discovery and just downloaded Waveform 3.8.2 64bit Qt5.6.3 for Windows 10. With the Digital Discovery attached, the workspace looks like this: and the Patterns tab has an interface looking like this: I see nothing that looks like the Patterns - Import screen that you show at the top of your post. How do I get there? This must be really basic, I looked around quit
  3. Hi: I know that .csv files can be imported into the Digital Discovery pattern generator, but I am curious about other formats, and what exactly their syntax/organization needs to look like. Saw the description of pattern export file formats, but nothing on import. We are trying to use prober patterns as starting points, importing into the Digital Discovery pattern generator and then modifying as needed. Many thanks.