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  1. Victory, I would be interested in your results building the MPLABX project. I have attempted to build the project from the recent GitHub 1.296.0 files with partial success. It seems like there may be a missing file or project definition, in particular for the value "F_CPU" which is used a number of places, but not defined in the source, so far as I can tell. Additionally, the 2 files in which the macro is used do not include any common header files, which leads me to believe that F_CPU is defined in the project somehow. I did add the #define in each of the 2 files to set this value at 2000
  2. I can certainly understand that. I did see the qualifying text "may" and was hoping that it was an early version of the documentation that hadn't been updated as development had progressed. I can also empathize with the \r\n being used in menu mode and not in JSON mode as this would be typical using a terminal program to talk with the OpenScopeMZ. Therefore, for others that may be interested in some work I'm doing, a possible solution to not being able to trigger on the \r\n may be to count '{' and '}' characters, and when they become equal, that is the end of the incoming JSON data. A
  3. Excellent, much appreciated. This is one of the coolest and potentially most powerful interface/protocol for embedded development I have seen since my first emulator was able to stop CPU execution and view register values 20 years ago.
  4. I am toying around with implementing parts of the Instrumentation Protocol on a product I'm developing. I have the web (non-local) version of waveforms live running in a browser window and connected to the Digilent Agent 1.0.1. During the initial connection process when clicking "OPEN" from the Configuration Menu page I see the website (thru the Agent) send: {"mode":"JSON"}\r\n My device then responds with: {"mode":"JSON","statusCode":0,"wait":500}\r\n The website then sends: {"device":[{"command":"enumerate"}]} please note there is no "\r\n". This seems to
  5. Is there any plan to update the firmware code base in github to the newest version?