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  1. @jpeyron Fixed it by trying a SD card writer on a different computer.
  2. I'm trying to boot a Zedboard using a SD card, and it fails. The Power good LED is on, but the 'Done' light remains off. I tried 4 different SD cards (all UHS-I), but later read that UHS-I cards aren't supported, so I'm using a non-UHS card and it still fails to boot. MIO6:2 headers are '01100', which is the SD card boot configuration. I've also shorted JP6 on the board. VADJ is at 1.8V The board boots successfully from QSPI - the blue LED and 4 red LEDs come on. I formatted the SD cards using both: the official SD Card Formatter & Windows 10's inbuilt 'Fo
  3. Hi @attila Wavegen 2 LG was -18 (!) on my device. Loading factory settings seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks!
  4. I encountered a peculiar issue when using AWG2 of the Analog Discovery 2. Physical connections were as follows: 1+ to W2 1- to GND When AWG2 is set to generate a sine wave voltage <= 1.00V, the output seems to be a clipped version of a voltage referenced to +5V (USB +ve rail). At any voltage above that (>1.001), the output is fine. I'm using Waveforms 3.8.2 on a 64bit Win10 PC. I've attached a screen capture:
  5. @Kristoff As suggested, I used a non-zero sample rate when importing the CSV, and it decodes correctly now. A bug was filed, and subsequently patched: https://sigrok.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1118
  6. Using PulseView 0.5.0-git-b732b48 (which I downloaded from the sigrok page at: https://sigrok.org/wiki/Windows#Windows_installers - I used the 'pulseview-NIGHTLY-32bit-static-release-installer.exe'). Reinstalled it to make sure. I imported "WaveformsLiveData - Formatted.csv" using the default settings (as you did). Then I added the SPI decoder (using the icon > drop down list in the toolbar). I set the decoder options as you did (except with the chip select set to '-', though the result is the same with it set to Ch0 ). It decodes the first packet, but nothing after th
  7. @KristoffI imported it as you said, but I'm having trouble getting the decoder to work: The decoder bar remains blank PS: Sorry if it's a simple question. It's the first time I'm using Sigrok, so I'm not sure whether I'm using Sigrok wrong, or importing the file wrong. I tried using a few .sr dumps I found, and the protocol decoder worked fine then.
  8. How exactly did you export the data? I've tried a CSV: I manage to import it into sigrok, but can't get the decoder to work (I'm probably importing it the wrong way: wrong sample rate etc.)