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  1. Thank you @attila Your recommendation is useful. I have my Analog Discovery 1 running. The problem is that in my despair I thought that my Analog discovery 1 had failed and I discarded the potentiometers. Will you have what is the value that each potentiometer has to calibrate it? I have acquired an Analog Discovery 2 because the channels in my Analog Discovery 1 are failing since I disarmed it. Greetings.
  2. Hello @Kristoff I found the file ChipKtipins.txt and apparently it works very well. Attached. You are right, it is very likely that they will not work 100% For now I have reset a sequential with the 8 GPIO outputs. Attached video. Greetings. chipKITPins.txt
  3. Dear Team of Digilent. I am currently working with an MZ OpenScope with the Arduino IDE. I was able to load the Blink program on the shield. But now I am limited, because of the OpenScope.h file I only found some pin declared. // some gpio pins #define PIN_SD_DET PORTD, (1 << 1) // RD1, pin 36 #define PIN_INT_MRF PORTG, (1 << 8) // RG8, pin 59 #define PIN_HIB_MRF LATD, (1 << 13) // RD13, pin 60 #define PIN_RST_MRF LATA, (1 << 4) // RA4, pin 61 #define PIN_WP_MRF LATA, (1 << 14) // RA14, pin 62 #define PIN_LED_1 LATJ, (1 <&l