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  1. I think it would because the USB has a 1ms duration between data packets. So the buffers must be large enough to hold the data until the next 1ms interval where data can be emptied. Maybe that is too high level. I would totally be willing to test for you. I don't know if the added configuration is a lot of work. If it is a lot then I would agree not worth effort.
  2. Hi Attila, I am revisiting this topic again. My situation is that I am trying to capture both a single Scope channel (current) and several channels on the Logic Analyzer I2C (SCK and SDA) as well as a UART (TX from device). I need high enough resolution that the protocol analyzer can parse the signals from the Logic analyzer and, at the same time, high enough resolution to see the current spike at the start and end of an operation. The puts the configuration in conflict between the scope and the LA. I would be very willing to trade memory space from other
  3. OK. I understand. So I cannot read that data back in and save it? Bummer. That was a painful event to catch
  4. I am using the latest beta for mac OS X and used the record function to capture 10 seconds of data @ 10MHz for 7 channels I2C (SCL and SDA) UART (TX only) the rest GPIO I captured the data and saved the file (by exporting to a txt file), then studied the contents of the capture. I saved the project then quit Waveforms. This morning, I started Waveforms and opened the project then imported the saved txt file. Waveforms reads the file in and presents the progress dialog. Right now it has been stuck trying to read the file in at line 99999000 out of 100000000 fo
  5. For what it's worth... my opinion would be the form of the address you enter is consistent with the protocol selection.
  6. I think I figured it out... The Address you enter in the I2C protocol trigger set up is ALWAYS 7-bit address (regardless) of the selection for the protocol set up selection (one of 7 bit, 8bit Rd, or 8bit). Is this understanding consistent with the implementation?
  7. I am using Waveforms (version 3.15.2) on mac OS X (10.15.7) and am having a problem using the I2C protocol trigger tool in the logic analyzer. The basic problem is that I choose the I2C protocol trigger (with 8-bit address plus Rd). When I set the Address to "h32", the device will not trigger. Then If choose a different value, like "h3E", the device will still not trigger. So I change to a simple trigger of a calling edge on SCK and can see the various device addresses on the bus. Here is what I do: 1) launch Waveforms 2)Open the device manager and choose configu
  8. I look at that. thanks for responding! Is this for post processing? I am interested in looking at a long exchange of I2C messages.
  9. for the row I have highlighted, is there a way to create a new row where I trade number of channels for more depth? 8 x 32k? 4 x 64k? 2 x 128k?
  10. when you open the Device manager, there is a list of configurations (1 thru 7). Is there a way to add other configurations? I would like a deeper scope and/or a deeper logic analyzer (giving up memory for Patterns and maybe waveform gen) Any ideas?
  11. Please share the file /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBFTDI.kext or mac OS X 10.14.6 I did an update today and that file is missing Nevermind...I had to run the kext install included with the Waveforms Application installer