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  1. @jpeyron I am also struggling to read/write data from/to USB flash drive connected to ZYBO. I have 7Z-20 and Petalinux v2018.3 installed on Ubuntu 16.04.4. I am wondering which commands do I need to run in user application to access directories and files in the attached USB external drive.
  2. @vicentiu @JColvin Is there any update for ZYBO 7Z-20 BSP for v2018 or v2019 ? I guess until now we have to use v2017.4 to work with Petalinux, right ?
  3. Hi, I would like to create Petalinux project for ZYBO 7Z-20. I have searched and found Petalinux-Zybo-Z7-20-2017.4-3.bsp on Digilent GitHub. I have v2018.3 installed in my computer. I get the following errors while creating Petalinux project with "Petalinux-Zybo-Z7-20-2017.4-3.bsp" in v2018.3. How to resolve the issue ? How to get updated BSP for ZYBO 7Z-20 ? [email protected]:~/opt/xilinx/petalinux/projects$ petalinux-create --type project --name zybo-hello-3 --source ../libraries/Petalinux-Zybo-2017.4-1.bsp WARNING: Your PetaLinux project was last modified by PetaLinux SDK version "201
  4. How to delete un-necessary comment ?
  5. Hi, I just have opened a new terminal and launch minicom through the new terminal which works the same way as SDK terminal but I have to close the SDK terminal before connecting to minicom. Thanks @[email protected] and @jpeyron
  6. Hi, Now I able to run hello world example, see attachment for UART settings in SDK. It works now. I am just curious that how people connect to minicom when Vivado and SDK are running because terminal gets busy while Vivado is running, right ? I usually launch the Vivado using the following command in Ubuntu terminal. source /scratch/VivadoProjects/zybo_hello/scripts/xsct_tcl_script.tcl Vivado This launch Vivado. ****** Vivado v2017.4 (64-bit) **** SW Build 2086221 on Fri Dec 15 20:54:30 MST 2017 **** IP Build 2085800 on Fri Dec 15 22:25:07 MST 2017 ** Copyright 1986-201
  7. Hi @jpeyron, I guess I first need to add "dialout´╗┐ group", right ? I have done that the following way. myUser---:~$ sudo adduser $USER dialout [sudo] password for myUser---: Adding user `myUser---' to group `dialout' ... Adding user myUser--- to group dialout Done. Latter I install screen as mentioned in your post but I don't know the purpose. myUser----:~$ sudo apt-get install screen Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done screen is already the n
  8. Hi, I have created hello world project for zybo in Vivado 2017.4 installed in Ubuntu 16.04. The ELF file is created in SDK. I have written a TCL script to download FSBL, Bit file and also hello world application file. I have run the TCL script in XSCT terminal of SDK to download the program. The FPGA Done light indicate that the program is downloaded on the ZYNQ chip. The UART led on the board also blink every second because I use a while loop and sleep (1) function in the hello world application to send hello world every second. The minicom is also installed. I run the followin
  9. Hi, To summarize for other viewers. The ZYNQ ECHO Server LwIP Example lwip202 is working in Vivado 2018.3 installed in Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit with the following two line changes in xadapter.c. Please comment these two lines to make the example work. // if ((eth_link_status == ETH_LINK_UP) && (!phy_link_status)) // eth_link_status = ETH_LINK_DOWN;´╗┐ The file xadapter.c is located at ,,,,,\lwip_example.sdk\LWIP_ECHO_Server_bsp\ps7_cortexa9_0\libsrc\lwip202_v1_2\src\contrib\ports\xilinx\netif
  10. Hi @jpeyron, In which file I need to do these changes ?
  11. Hi, I have implemented and tested LwIP Echo Server example (lwip141) in ZYBO in Vivado 2017.3 programming through BOOT.BIN. The example works in 2017.3. The problem is that when I upgrade Vivado to 2018.3 in Windows 10, the LwIP example (lwip202) is not working through BOOT.BIN (and also through XSCT) because the Ethernet LINK LED on board is unstable. The Tera Term output is also attached showing Ethernet Link UP / Ethernet Link Down. Any idea how to fix it and run LwIP example ?
  12. Hi, I just installed Vivado 2018.3 on Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit version. I don't find ZYBO Z7 in device manager under COM port. How to install cable driver for ZYBO ?
  13. Hi, Thanks for sharing the project. It works. There is nothing wrong in the tutorial. No need to change anything this the SDK program. The problem was in connecting to Tera Term which is fixed now. I am sorry for this redundant post. Kindly advice if there is any way to delete this post. Thanks for understanding.
  14. Hi, I am using JTAG to download the program. I am following the steps in tutorial. The UART serial terminal output you can see in the first post. How to attach screen shots ? I don't find option to upload a file.
  15. Yes I have added the board files of Zybo-Z7-20 and have implemented several projects on it including AXI DMA with AXI Stream interface. The projects works with JTAG programing and also with BOOT.BIN in SD card. As mentioned above that I have followed the steps in the Digilent's tutorial "Getting Started with Zynq Servers" which was implemented on Xilinx Vivado 2015.X. I am implementing the LwIP project using Vivado 2017.3. I am using Tera Term for connecting to UART. I get the warning message on UART that the PHY is not Marvel or TI. This is the only difference which I have until
  16. Yes I have already looked into this tutorial and I have followed until step 11 which is a message on UART, posted in the first post. Then I have issue with step 12. I have assigned the IPv4 address ( in the laptop and have connected the Ethernet cable. I am not able to ping the board ( and not able to connect to Telnet which is demonstrated in step 12 of tutorial.
  17. I am trying to run the ZYNQ server LwIP example on ZYBO Z7-20. The board has Realtek RTL8211E-VL PHY. The LwIP example in Vivado SKD 2017.3 is designed for TI or Micrel PHY. I get warning (and also DHCP timeout) in the UART terminal that the PHY on target board is not TI or Micrel PHY. -----lwIP TCP echo server ------ TCP packets sent to port 6001 will be echoed back WARNING: Not a Marvell or TI Ethernet PHY. Please verify the initialization sequence link speed for phy address 1: 1000 DHCP Timeout Configuring default IP of Board IP: Netmask : Gat
  18. Hi, I am working on an application in which I need to send data continuously to the network from zybo. I have looked at the Echo server example but it is sensitive to the listening mode. It listen to the network all the time. It send data to network whenever there is data from the network to the zynq otherwise zynq don't send anything to network. My task is to send 32 bit of data upon every micro-second from zynq to PC over ethernet. Is there anything better and recommended other then LwIP for my application ? I am not sure which function in the main () I need to modify in L