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  1. Thanks for the reply. To clarify, in the tcpdump packet 6 is a duplicate but 8 (the 2nd Offer) isn't, the dhcp server really sent that, because it saw the 2nd request in packet 6 and replied to it. You're right that that Offer packet is just sitting in the client's receive buffer until it tries to check for the ACK, after it's sent the Request. Also ethernet doesn't come into this, and it's not some "Wifi AP" product, it's just a usb wifi stick connected to my PC which is running linux. I tried 2 different brands, NetGear WNA1100 and Ralink RT5370 and the same happened with both. It's
  2. Hi, Fritz!Box seems to be a linux machine and I think you might be hitting the same problem I was, see my topic
  3. Hi, My wifi AP is a linux machine running hostapd and dhcpd. I couldn't get wifi working, it was just stuck flashing blue, and I could see the DHCP server giving it an IP but the device never raised it. It's taken me weeks to figure out why and how to fix/workaround it. I traced the problem into the DHCP client, but couldn't figure out how to use Serial.print() because that's C++ and the DHCP client is C code. I tried using UDPSend() to send debug messages out via the network so I could see them with wireshark, which worked, but that also crashed the device after sending the packet, b