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    Genesys DDR with ISE 14.7

    Hey Zygot, I also ran into this problem. It seems like the updated MIG doesnt like that the DDR_wen pin is located on a vref pin although no data pins are on the same bank. There is a workaround that can be found here. It includes how to set up the MIG and PLL to DCM wizards and how to manage the .prj files to correct the ddr_wen signal. Also at the end is a working Genesys project running the ISE generated test project. This solution was inspired by This thread. In short you select an available pin for the wen signal then after the fact go change
  2. We could do something with intensity other than changing the brightness. However with drums, they usually have a pretty consistent frequency profile as long as you are on the same drum. We recently had this project set up to be on a drum set that had different base color values for each drum. (Snare: blue, Bass: green) Then if a drummer hit both of them at the same time and intensity the lights would flash teal. We decided to go back to one drum with a drum line in mind. Although we kept the color mixing algorithm in case we want to revisit that flavor of this project! Or could be used for the
  3. Hey Guys, Tommy and I are starting a chipKit project that uses piezo sensors to sense a hit on a drum and then light the drum up with LEDs. This creates a pretty cool effect to watch in the dark. Our endgame with this project is to approach a drum line and hook them all up to some WS2812s to create a cool music/light show. Below is our proof of concept video using a single snare drum. We think we can use this technique for most percussion instruments. Cymbals seem to be the only thing we cant use this on so far. Our next step is to d
  4. Hi Priya, It sounds like you don't have an active WebPack license. There is a good guide to getting a free WebPack license here. On the right hand side under table of contents you can click "Getting your Free WebPack License" since you already installed Vivado. This should guide you through the steps to get your Vivado licensed. - Sam
  5. Hey Philippe, The Vivado Webpack license is free. So you can choose whichever one you want! I would also recommend using Vivado. -Sam
  6. sLowe

    ZYBO Board w/ XADC

    Hey Squirrel, To get the XADC working properly on the Artix-7 boards which use the same XADC, I had to declare them in the .xdc. If you can locate the xadc block in the synthesized schematic, you can see for sure if they actually are. Below is what my schematic looks like, This was my code for the basys3 xdc #Pmod Header JXADC #Sch name = XA1_P set_property PACKAGE_PIN J3 [get_ports {vauxp6}] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33 [get_ports {vauxp6}] #Sch name = XA2_P set_property PACKAGE_PIN L3 [get_ports {vauxp14}] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33 [get_ports {vauxp14}] #Sc
  7. From the album: Forum Stuff

    Port mapping of the Zybo XADC pins. They DO NOT go to vaux1, 2, 3, and 4 instead they are mapped to 14, 7, 15, and 6 respectively
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    Forum Stuff

    Pictures used to answer forum questions
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    XADC schematic

    From the album: Forum Stuff

    What the synthesized schematic looks like when the XADC aux ports are connected to an XADC wizard instantiation.
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    Tommy and I's drumLight project