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  1. Dear @jpeyron i will be using pmod acl to get the values .So Is it possible to have take the values from the Pmod acl and to print on Pmod Cls in Zybo board??
  2. i want to display the accelerometer values on the lcd pmod cls .i am using zybo board.Is it possible to display like that.???
  3. we are trying to recreate this work http://www.instructables.com/id/Outputting-GIF-on-VGA-From-SD-Card-Using-Zybo-Boar/ we were able to generate the bitstream for the design. when working with SDK we started getting errors. FBUH77IILQVJ0PS (3).c FNY0L60ILQVIXFR (2).c
  4. Actually we r trying to build a c++ application in SDK. When we try to build the project we are the getting the following errors. Is anyone aware of these errors please help us on this..
  5. yah....the spi is working fine but backlight is not switching on
  6. Hii...i have the pmod cls of rev E I tried shorting the md0 and left the remaining pins...and leaving the md0 shorting the remaining pins but still it is not working. And let me know how to increase the backlight .
  7. not able to get the output of pmod cls with the demo code provided while i am interfaing with zybo board via i2c
  8. In the code , there are many predefined functions and header files like... ACL_SetMeasure(&acl, 0); ACL_SetGRange(&acl, ACL_PAR_GRANGE_PM4G); ACL_SetMeasure(&acl, 1); ACL_CalibrateOneAxisGravitational(&acl, ACL_PAR_AXIS_ZP); ACL_ReadAccelG(&acl, &x, &y, &z); #include "xparameters.h" #include "xil_cache.h" #include "PmodACL.h" where can we find these functions in header files....and can u provide any reference for this
  9. hey @jpeyron actually the problem is with my software .When i try to use with vivado 2017.3,it is showing the errors.when i updated this it is working .. thank you
  10. Yes...i did it for correct device and i did the check in at include partial bit stream....if i uncheck that..it is showing FPGA intialization failed
  11. getting an error while trying to program fpga using zybo board with pmod acl
  12. Hello please let me know the procedure to see the accelerometer readings in xilinx sdk ie.,via any seial port using the sample code given in pmod ip.And i did initialization of zynq device pmod acl in vivado design suite and wrapped ->exported to xilinx sdk. need some guidance in xilinx sdk to see the accelerometer values
  13. getting a error while i am trying to program FPGA (zybo) with Pmod:ACL in Xilinx sdk.
  14. hello i need some guidelines to know where to connect the output of pmod .Even i run connection automation i didnt get that.pls let me know where to give the output for interfacing acl
  15. i am using Zybo board ...And i hav added the entire vivado master library...........I am using Vivado 14.5
  16. i have followed the steps correctly given in digilent website.But still Showing unable to add the IP
  17. Dear @jpeyron, I am new to working with zybo board and vivado. I got the IPcore for pmod ACL. I dont know how to add that to the board .And PLease guide me in adding a IPCORE to the board and navigating to xilinx sdk. regards pujith
  18. Dear @jpeyron, can we use the same ip cores for both zybo and zed board
  19. Dear sir/Madam, i am new to this ZED board.I have some silly doubts....i.e., How to configure Accelerometer with the help of ADC.Since i am not getting the pin numbers with which it is connected.I got the Ip core for interfacing Accelerometer.i have no clear idea about it.Please help me in ressolving this.