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  1. Here is one more such project that I saw this morning!! Turns on a lamp in your house via Twitter. This particular project uses one of TI's lunchpad MCU and it is stated that the whole thing can be made for about $40. Cheers and Good luck with your ventures. Please let us know if you get successful at such a system. jer
  2. The MCU is connected to a network or the Internet via Ethernet/Wifi and then controlled and/or accessed by the phone application. I have seen many examples of this already such as operating a garage door via phone command or turning on/off lights and devices within ones house via phone through the internet to the MCU controller unit. jer
  3. Anil, I just happen to run across the board that I had mentioned, This may interest you in a cool little board to help get you started !!! jer
  4. Welcome to the Forum Anil. The internet of things (IOT) certainly seems to be the next up and coming thing!!! I have seen many such projects being done already with Microchips PIC 32 series of MCU and very cheaply I might add. Take a look at the uC32 or even the MAX32 MCU board and I think that you will be quite impressed with them. I just love my new uC32 that I am starting out on. I believe that they even make a LAN/WiFi version of this board or even just an add on LAN shield to get you started with any of the other PIC32 flavors. Cheers!!! jer
  5. Thank You LariSan!!! Thank You for the video that helped me decide to get my uC32, and, Get it working as well !!! jer
  6. Okay I will do so !!! Eventually I am planning on coming up with a library of subroutines for various functions that everybody can use. I have found a few of such things here and there and like everyone else, I have borrowed some from other complete programs and tailored them for my use. But, It would be nice to find ones specifically for the PIC 32 Chipkit boards all in one place, Just like the Backshed Forum's section on the Maximite and Micro Mite projects. Really Cool Stuff Their!!! Cheers!!!! jer
  7. Hello!! My name is Gerald fry jr and I basically go by jer. I am very happy to have found this forum!! I just got a Uc32 and Basic I/O for Christmas and I did get it working as I just posted my info in your blog. I just started working with PIC's in the last year or so thanks to Microchips sample program. And basically out of necessity due to my obsession with computers and audio electronics. I am very fluent on just in case you have seen me there as well as a few other forums. My interests are with anything that has to do with electronics and audio stuff and incl