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  1. Hi @Alex and @jpeyron, Thanks for your suggestions and sorry for the late reply. I did registered with the NetFPGA-SUME group following your instructions. However, before I got approved, one of my colleagues has successfully adopted another solution which performs much better than the reference_nic one. After that we focused on the new solution and gave up with the reference_nic project. With the registration, I will follow the updates in the NetFPGA-SUME group, which would be beneficial in long term. Thank you and happy new year! Sam
  2. Greetings! I'm trying to use NetFPGA-SUME as a NIC and I tried the reference_nic design (in package NetFPGA-SUME-live-release_1.5.0) without changes. However the throughput is quite disappointing: ~2Gbps for RX and ~200Mbps for TX, while the other side of the cable is an Intel 10G NIC. I have spent some time on the source codes and currently I may expect a pair of descriptor rings to improve the performance. I'm not confident that I did everything right, so before stepping forward, I'd like to know: Is the throughput acceptable with the current reference_nic design? If yes, how to improve the throughput and make full use of the bandwidth? If no, is there any special configuration for the reference_nic project? Many thanks in advance! Sam