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  1. Hi @jpeyron Thanks for the tips. Seems like I'm able to get the auto-connect to work sometimes and the schematic has proven quite helpful. Additional questions while we wait for Digilent's gurus to get back to me on power supply specs. One more question I thought of is: is it possible to save OpenScope MZ's GPIO settings i.e. I always want pins 0-7 to always be outputs and pins 8 and 9 to be inputs. Cheers, Jim
  2. I recently purchased the OpenScope MZ. I've already reviewed the brief spec sheet but I still have some questions: 1. What are the power requirements of the board? I'm going to be designing a PCB that powers it and I need to know 2. Where can I get a full schematic of the board? 3. Is there a way to get the board to automatically configure itself into a specific wifi network upon startup? I'm trying to get it working on a mobile battery powered system and that functionality would greatly affect my and my company's future use of the product Cheers, Jim