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  1. Thanks a lot for the answers, wiil update soon with progress (i hope) How does one uses standard linux functions as "sleep" or "nanosleep" in such environment as MX3? thanks
  2. Hi, i have a few question regarding interrupts in the basys mx3: In the following file (interrupt handler example) https://github.com/Digilent/Basys-MX3-library/blob/master/Demos/BasicIODemo.X/rgbled.c 1) the library implements the funciton void __ISR(_TIMER_5_VECTOR, ipl2) Timer5ISR(void) but doesn't declare it anywhere, or uses it (not that i can find) what is the __ISR macro , and who calls the function? (and what are the _TIMER_5_VECTOR, ipl2 parameters)? 2) As i understand, if i now want to create a function that uses interrupts, to change the output on the lcd, i can use this timer5, altough it's the "rgb" timer right? They use the global variable TMR_TIME to set the time frames of the interrupt, can i somehow change it to every second, without changing the rgb.h file? thanks!
  3. Hi! I have read the Documentation, but could not understand how can i "catch" and interrupt, without a busy loop on it. Can i attach a timer to a function? sort of 'callbacks'? I see that some timers are connected to specific elements in the X3, but i'me looking to catch the interrupt in any global function. I think that i'm missing something basic about the using of the API, any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm building a simple c program for the basys mx3, I'm trying to have the screen blink every second, but with the ability to change operate in the meantime, for example blinking screen + hitting buttons for change letters on the screen. Because i don't want the device to 'freeze' during the waiting period (blink each second) i don't want to use "sleep(1)" Can i use the interrupts in the MX3 for this cause? can i somehow tell the device to send an interrupt every second, and create an "interrupt handler" that does XYZ operations? I've read the programming documentation, but without any example on that matter (callback functions for interrupts, etc.) thanks a lot for the help.