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  1. Thanks dan I will look into these options too. Simulation looks good probing tip.
  2. Thanks Dan a lot for a fruitful insight. 1.It always happened in periodic manner. Some time upon changing filter order I get the difference that If my audio input is idle (means there may some noise floor but no signal ), at order of 40 there is not Tick sound but When I give some input signal to be filtered I start to get Tick sound. And if I increase or decrease order I get Tick sound even in Idle (only with noise floor) 2.I am sure that I am not missing any data.First I was thinking that I might missing, but now I am sure that I am not. Because I have FIFO of 16 depth. From ADC d
  3. Thanks Dan. I got the first part of my question. version is 5.0. I used 16000Hz for filter . So I will get next RFD after 62.5 usec. But If i will delay the ND insertion after getting RFD high. I will get RFD after 62.5us after ND insertion. So to avoid latency to match 1600hz sampled input, i have to insert ND exactly at the same time as RFD get high. I still did not get my second part right. "2.All is fine. filtering is good. I am using filter range from 900hz-3300hz. I am getting TICK like sound after some 500msec. I saw it on oscilloscope it is some type of clipped signal
  4. These are control signals. I didn't show data signals. RDY is output signal when Filter output is available on bus . RFD ( Read For Data) is output signal, tells When filter is ready for input . ND is input valid signal for New Data. according to FIR compiler data sheet RFD should get high as soon as RDY gets high.
  5. I have build filter using FIR compiler. It is filtering the input quite well. I used COE generated from Matlab. I have two problems. 1- filter latency is 39 cycles. I am getting my RDY signal high after around 39 cycles. But RFD gets high after 251 cycles? I don't understand , if filter is giving me RDY signal high then according to FIR compiler datasheet figure of MAC multiplier timings, i should get RFD as soon as RDY gets high. I have tried both systolic and transpose MAC. I am attaching the figures from chip-scope. ZOOM-IN of ND-RFD ZOOM-IN of RDY ZOOM-OUT