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  1. Thanks for your help. I'm in process to contact to pcb design company now. And I need to make sure that I understand the intentions of the schematic maker. I used Orcad Capture for drawing the schematic. On Nexys Video schematic two lines are named as HDMI_RX_SCL, HDMI_RX_SDA and its connected to other page's line. So, I used page-off connector of Orcad Capture. Is this correct design? On Nexys Video schematic many pins are drawn like this. Currently I have expressed these using page-off connect or VCC&GND sign. I
  2. Thanks for replying my questions. I understood that if i remove USB interface for FPGA programming, I have to use Adept SDK for FPGA programming. Is it right? Can't Vivado recognize JTAG cable? And I have additional questions about Nexys Video Schematic. The images below are captured on pages 15 and 12, respectively. First image is a part of regulators page. Is not the line directed by arrow short electrically (connected by 0 ohm register) ? Second image is a part of FPGA Power page I don't use DDR RAM, so i connected the pins that w
  3. Sorry for my late reply. Thanks so much. Your answer is very helpful to me. And I have a simple question. You said PROG pins are USB interface with the board. Does USB interface means USB programming pin near UART pin? I'm planning to remove UART prog pin and use JTAG for FPGA programming. If my expectation is right, I will not have to find another programming solution for board.
  4. Hello, I'm working for minimalizing Nexys Video to small board that has only video processing feature. And, I have found some unconnected pins with other pins in Nexys Video Schematic. Those pins are this: - HDMI_RX_PEEN in Sheet 6 - PROG_* pins on BANK 14 in Sheet 10 - T3 pin on BANK 34 in Sheet 11 Are these pins black box? (especially PROG pins) If I ignore these pins, will there be a problem?
  5. I used Nexys Video Board for image processing via HDMI Interface. And now i need to make small this board. For this work, I drew the schematic based on the Nexys Video Board's schematic. But i'm a beginner in this field, so i couldn't find exact information to some element. Those elements are this: 1. What does Foot and SHIELD in schematic Sheet 1 means? 2. Some pins could not find the pin connected together Those pins are this: - HDMI_RX_PEEN in Sheet 6 - PROG_ pins on BANK 14 in Sheet 10 (PROG_RDN, PROG_WRN, PROG_D0/SCK, PROG_