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  1. Analog Discovery troubleshooting

    Thanks @attila for the explanation and I wasn't aware of the critical importance of GND. It seems that my Ch2's probe is damaged
  2. Analog Discovery troubleshooting

    Thanks @attila for the answer. After following your instructions, it turned out that this odd behavior only happen when the AD2's GND is connected to my testbed's GND (my microcontrollers' GND, I'm not sure if this is the right GND to connect to though!). Once, I disconnected the AD2's GND, CH2 works but I lose CAN's partial information from CH1. Example here: Any idea why would connecting GND results in losing CH2? Also, is it ok to leave the rest of GND probes and CH1&2 negatives open?
  3. Analog Discovery troubleshooting

    Hello again, The reason why I've calibrated my AD2 is to fix a problem. Unfortunately, calibration didn't fix it. Here is it: My AD2's Ch1 and Ch2 are connected to a CAN-L and CAN-H, respectively. Whatever is connected to Ch1 is shown on the scope, whereas CH2 does not show anything! See the two examples where the scope only shows whatever connected to Ch1 and ignore what is connected to Ch2.
  4. Analog Discovery troubleshooting

    Hello, I just found attila's answer in I just needed to make activate "NO LIMITS" option by ALT+F11.
  5. Analog Discovery troubleshooting

    Hello, I've been trying to calibrate my AD2 without luck. I followed the wizard's instructions and everything was going smoothly until I got step 5 (Oscilloscope). I connected Channels 1 and 2 P and N with ground but I get this message: "Check the connection!! The measured voltage on Oscilloscope Channel 2 is between: 2.741106966 V and 2.741734508 V It might be that the Arbitrary Waveform Generator 1 Offset is not calibrated correctly." Any idea about why it is not working? Thanks
  6. Analog Discovery 2 and CAN

    Hi @attila, Thank you very much! I was missing to connect the AD2's GND. Once I did that, everything worked out perfectly
  7. Analog Discovery 2 and CAN

    Hello @attila, Thanks for answering my question. I want to mention that my CAN bus is a test bench where it consists of microcontrollers with a CAN shield on top of each one of them. The shield has SN65HVD230 CAN controller. The schematic can be found here: https://www.waveshare.com/w/upload/1/16/RS485_CAN_Schematic.pdf Could you perhaps elaborate on what you mean by: I have an MCP2551 transceiver that is connected to the CAN bus. What should I use as input for the AD2? The Rdx pin? If so, do I need GND somewhere? Thanks again
  8. Analog Discovery 2 and CAN

    Hi JColvin, Thanks a lot for the insightful answer. However, I still need more specific clarification for my setup. My CAN bus is differential (CAN_L & CAN_H), so how can I connect the two line and be able to see CAN messages? Thanks, Abdulmalik
  9. Analog Discovery 2 and CAN

    How can I make my AD2 analyze CAN signals? I tried to follow the "CAN" section of Logic Analyzer in the link: https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/instrumentation/tutorials/ad2-logic-analyzer/start#can but I'm not sure how to connect to the bus and what inputs to use. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks