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  1. Hi@jpeyron I have a question about ZEDBOARD and PMODTMP3. Now, I want to set a temperature comparison in the SDK. When the temperature is higher than a certain value, It outputs a pulse at a certain Pmod interface. How can I design? Thank you.
  2. Hi @jpeyron Based on your suggestion, I edited the IP core and successfully generated the bitstreams. After importing it into the SDK, I created an empty project, created a <main.c> in the SRC, added the program to TMP3 , After the completion of <program FPGA>, in the debug, there have been problems as shown. I do not know where is the problem, please give me a suggestion, yesterday you said you want to ve rify that ,of course,if you succeed, you can attach a reply. Thanks!
  3. Hi @jpeyron Thank you for your guidance, I have successfully used Zedboard to collect the temperature information on PmodTMP3. Sorry for the inconvenience, and now that I have a new problem with <Genesys2>, I try to communicate with PmodTMP3 with <Genesys2>, reference HERE. Then I get an error and can not complete <Implementation>, then attach my BLOCK DESIGN, hope you can answer me how I design, and how to achieve with <Genesys2> to complete the acquisition of PmodTMP3 temperature. Thank you!
  4. Hi@jpeyron I can confirm that I use the IP core and procedures are from here, I have not changed. I use the latest IP core, and in the SDK to create a blank project, copy the <main.c>, then DEBUG AS. Whether in VIVADO2015.4 or VIVADO2017.2, I got the result in this picture .This is exactly why I am distressed. If possible, after your test is successful, hope you can provide some details of the considerations, as well as your use of <main.c> and so on. I wish you a Happy New Year, looking forward to your good news. CHEERS
  5. @Bianca Not at all.Thank you for your attention.
  6. @Bianca You may have misunderstood it. I used the digilent PMODTMP3 and the ZEDBOARD to measure the temperature, and using the TMP3's IP core, the result was not normal temperature, but constant zero. Not TMP2
  7. All the programs I use and the IP cores come from here and this photo shows where i kept calling the TMP3_ReadIIC function in the <PmodTMP3.c>. Then can you show me where is the bit 7 (RDY#) ? I had not even seen this bit. And show me where and how to Modify the code .
  8. Hi@jpeyron I got the PMODTMP3 module and connected it to ZEDBOARD, built BLOCK with the TMP IP core, generated the BIT streams, imported it into the SDK, built an empty project, and created a< main.c>, no matter which version I used The procedure, the surrounding temperature varies greatly, its final result is like this.I hope you can tell me why, what should I do. Thanks. main.c main.c
  9. Hi@jpeyron Thank you for providing the pseudo code ,and after my attempt,the photo is my result.I want to show you and hope you can give me some suggestion. thank you .
  10. Hi@artvvb very sorry for disturbing you,by trying your method above of usting the TMP3_begin, TMP3_IICInit, TMP3_ReadIIC, and TMP3_WriteIIC functions with pmodtmp2 and Zedboard,Perhaps because my level is not enough and Not well understood I could not use these functions,I failed much times in the SDK.So i hope you can write A few lines of code of the ADT7420 of the TMP2 to help me get temperature information using the Zedboard. Thanks.
  11. @ jpeyron 我很抱歉,在这个回复中,我遇到了类似的问题,我也是用TMP3 IP核来打包这个块,但是我不能为这个JE做这个外部的.tmp3的ip核心来自GitHub.And在创建了我想打包HDL包装的程序框图之后,它失败了。所以我希望你能帮我解决这个问题。非常感谢你。 PS:当选择板子时,我选择了Zedboard,因为我只有zedboard来连接PMOD。
  12. @artvvb Thank you very much for your reply. I have one more question,If I want to measure the tempture with TMP2 and Zedboard, how can I do
  13. Hi All Newbie question here. I'm new to PMODs and got the PMOD pack with a Zedboard. How should I connect my TMP2 PMOD to theZedboard?I find no ip core in the vivado for PMODTMP2. So,can you help me? Thanks Sol