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    So I add the line that the error suggering and i only get this.
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    @jpeyron, When I commented it out I get this error.
  3. Mell


    @JColvin @jpeyron thank you for the interest. I use 1 pin of the pmod connector namely the J1 pin of the pmod header JA as input for my program. All I have to do is see if that pin is high or low. I found on the internet that the pmod standard expects a clock signal therefor it must be said that this is not a clock signal. See this video minute "17:00" Here is my xdc file "Basys3_Master.xdc" I use Vivado and i found this documentation. And this is the warning.
  4. Hello everyone, I use 1 pin of the pmod connector of the basys3 board for receiving a signal. So in the .xdc file i set every right but I need to say that the incoming signal is not a clock. In the help it suggests "set_property CLOCK_DEDICATED_ROUTE value [get_nets net_name]". I changed the net_name with the signal name "set_property CLOCK_DEDICATED_ROUTE value [get_nets echo_pin]" but u get this critical warning "Invalid option 'FALSEecho_pin' specified for'objects'. anyone an idee? thank you
  5. @[email protected] Thanks for the fast respond! The sensor has 4 pins Vcc, Gnd, Echo, Trig. The Trig pin need a short pulse of 10┬Ás for starting to send, I am going to send a pulse signal every 100ms. The Echo pin sends the pulse with to the board. So I need the level shifter for the signal Trig? So that the sensor as an 5V input instead off 3,3v input? Yeah it's fun to play with but more difficult with the fpga board (basys3) then an simple arduino board
  6. Hello, I'm building a project with the basys3 for reading an ultrasonic rangefinder (HC-SR04) signal in and convert with that signal the distance in meters. But now i'm almost done writing my code and I search the connectors of the board and there are pmod connectors so i'm wondering can I use those connectors as a normally gpio input and output? Already friendly greetings!