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  1. I solved my ethernet problem and the specific connections to make it work. I didn't have I2C enabled on the Zynq7 customisation. so I also enabled I2C over EMIO. I think this hampered it's ability to communicate with the address chip I changed in the Zynq 7 processor MIO configuration - the ENET0 MDIO device is now MDIO pins MIO 52-53.
  2. I had a look at the diligent repository on github and the zybo linux_bd project. It provides an HDF but no vivado block layout so I can't see the connections that need to be made. Could you please expand on which connections are needed?. I have been trying to find what the magic is, and I'm sure there's a set of connections that need to be made. Other xilinx forum posts advocate editing the device tree and adding, or expanding the PHY section and add a MAC address, but you are saying here that a set of connections should be made so that u-boot and kernel generated code initialise the PHY and GEM correctly using I2C. On the new Zybo Z7, another post says the generated I/O pin set up doesn't match the circuit diagram and hence needs a different connection to be set up. Having reviewed the circuit for the Zybo 7000 that digilent makes available (see RTL8211 from Zybo 7000) I can see pins MDIO and MDC are labelled ETI_MDIO and ETI_MDC. These are connected via the Zynq-7000 block configuration into P5_MIO53_501 and P5_MIO52_501 respectively. Further, the 24AA02E48 chip that stores a MAC address looks to be configured to use AC_SDA/AC_SCL - an i2C interface - to extract it's address. These pins are connected to IO_L13P_T2_MRCC_34 and IO_L23P_T3_34. how do I check these are configured? If i look at my block design in vivado for Zynq - I see ENET_0 is on, but I don't know if it's got the MDIO/MDC connected, nor the SDA/SCL. are these the only two items to connect to have it generate the right linux device tree? Any other guidance you can give? I want to do a cycle where I design the Vivado project, it results in an HDF that petalinux can use to generate a good enough linux that it operates the ethernet ok. Just don't know where I'm going wrong.