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  1. Szia Attila, Thank you so much for your quick response. I actually ended up solving the problem in MATLAB as I needed a continuous information on PWM, not just an instantaneous measurement. Maybe a feature idea / request: it would be very useful if users could visualize "continuous" data in the scope environment, that is otherwise encoded in the digital channels. Say, for example, you want to show the duty cycle of the PWM signal in percents, as a continuous value. Just an idea. Ugyanitt. Hajd├║ bojler elad├│.
  2. Hello all. New to WaveForms, so excuse me if this is too easy. I'd like to capture an analog channel, and two digital ones - where information is encoded into the width of the pulses. Sure enough, I can do this. But of the digital, one is PWM, which I'd like to manipulate into the corresponding stream of percentages (or 8-bit values, does not matter); the other one encodes the duration of something - therefore I'd like to measure their positive duration, as in a timer/counter... Can this be done in WaveForms with the AD2?