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  1. Thanks, I don't have a scroll mouse, but two fingers up on the track pad seems to do the trick. On the UART rate, what options would you set for 230400. Seems like whatever I choose it tells me I need to reduce the time base?
  2. Just recorded some logic data using my new Analog Discovery 2 on my Mac. Now I want to zoom in and look at the data. According to the tutorial there is suppose to be a "hot track" button that lets you zoom in but I don't see any such feature. So how do you zoom in? I attached a screenshot if it helps.
  3. Well if we are having an "my FTDI is bigger than yours" contest, I once had over 50 FTDI cables hooked to my laptop at the same time ;-). I was worried that there might be an FTDI conflict but I can still terminal into my linux devices and log debug data with cool term so not seeing any issues. I did check on initial connection and I did see the the AD2 device in /dev even before is started functioning. I did say that they should hook up several dozen of these to macs to see what the problem might be. Maybe they should just hire you and I and we can fix it for them :-).
  4. Just wanted to add that I just purchased one of these and hooked it to my Mac, after installing the software, and it did not work. Did a power cycle and tried plugging in to different USB ports and still no go. Left it connected for a while to my powered USB hub (which I had initially tried and it did not work) while I read this forum and then started up and everything worked fine. Might want to try hooking a couple dozen to a Mac laptop and seeing if any have a hard time coming up. Mac laptops are notorious for not being able to drive instruments via USB.