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  1. Hello, After downloading the project code found here: and programming my Nexys4 DDR, I can not get my board to read keyboard inputs. I've tried three different USB keyboards (Apple, Razor, and Logitech). To make sure that there was nothing wrong with the USB port, I performed the selftest as specified in the manual: "Connecting a mouse to the USB-HID Mouse port will allow the pointer on the VGA display to be controlled. Only mice compatible with the Boot Mouse HID interface are supported." One of the mice I tested allowed me to move the pointer on the VGA display. This leads me to believe that the USB port on my board is working. So I have three questions moving forward: Do I need a specific jumper configuration to read keyboard input? Does anyone know of a make/model of keyboard which is guaranteed to work with the board? Are there any self tests to show that keyboard input is indeed being received? I found this in the manual under section 3.3 of the reference manual: "For example, if a USB keyboard is plugged in, a rapid blink will signal the receipt of an HID input report from the keyboard." However, its placement in the manual leaves me uncertain that it is in fact a built in self test. That is, I am unsure if a keyboard plugged in during the demo configuration will make the "busy" light blink rapidly. Thank you.