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  1. Yacov Cohen


    My question is if there are some news when trying to measure 8 inputs?
  2. Hi JColvin, Do I understand that you do not have the time to handle the issue. Please inform me. Yacov
  3. DearJjcolvin, I bought a product I can not use as its not coming with a minimum option to use 8 inputs. The question please is if you can find the time to solve this issue. Please let me know if there is a chance for digilentic to deliver a correct driver? Thanks , Yacov
  4. Dear JColvin, I hope that you will find the time to take care on the issue we are handling as I need very much that option. Thanks very much. Yacov
  5. Dear JColvin, I am in a phase that I have to start to converge with our project. It is not convenient for me to have two 24 bit A to D Units. It concludes to a big change in price and reduces the total execution time. Do you think that you can find the time to solve that issue? Manny thanks Yacov
  6. Thank you, I still hope very much that you will solve the problem and I appreciate.
  7. Dear JColvin, I hope that you will find the time to take care on the issue we are handling as I need very much that option. Do you think I can use your latest files? Thanks very much. Yacov
  8. Thank you, I prefer to wait a little and hope that you will come with a solution so we will have 8 inputs. Thanks a lot
  9. Thank you very much for trying to solve the problem. I would like to consider the use of 2 Pmod5 cards in differential mode but chip select is set in AD7193.h . Can you please help how to use 2 Pmod5 cards Thanks Yacov
  10. AS A4 is still grounded so shorted to ACOM I may connected between A4 and A6 a voltage of aprox 0.56V
  11. Acom is ground taken from J1. Placed 0.56 Volt between Acom and A6 but may be I played with the voltage. In any way I understand that you are still working on it. I appreciate.
  12. Dear JColvin, As I wrote you I am still unable to run Pseudo differential measurement. I will be more then happy if you can sent me all the files including libraries for Ardruino Uno so I will exclude misunderstandings. Many thanks again Yacov
  13. In this run using : AD7193_VoltageMeasurePsuedoDifferential_Example.ino Posted Friday at 08:21 PM (edited) AD7193.cpp Posted Tuesday at 01:00 AM AD7193.h Posted Tuesday at 10:10 PM