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  1. There is a test project and terminal screenshot of program running: it shows: one timer stops, anouther have *number* steps more (print not stopped axis steps, for example X44 would show us that second timer is now stopped and first is running and need 44 handlers more) second timer stops, anouther have *number* steps more (always 0) time for first timer, second timer and for all task src.rar
  2. Hello all. I have some misunderstanding with TTCs on zynq-7000. I used this guide to understand how TTCs are working, but seems like a quite subtlety which I don't understand. I have to use 2 TTCs with PWM (match value) and change RC in handlers to make CNC. After trying to make it like get new RC in handler and change RC I got unstable error for about 0.5s for 25s of changing RC and some impulses haven't generated but handler was called instantly after changing RC (I took into account that (RC - match value) should be greater then 0). I thought it can be because I have to: 1)