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  1. @attila Thank you for the quick response! So, it is possible to do it in C++ using the same methodology as WaveForms application uses? If so, would you be able to give me a small idea on how exactly or some pointers? I assume that I should create a clock at 100k with 50% duty cycle for SCLK, but my main questions comes in how do I generate the SDA line? I would be more than happy to post my I2C module here or send it to you guys after I've finished so that other people can use it as well. Thank you once again and Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Hi, I've created a custom software program in C++ that uses analog discovery 2 and I have two questions. 1. I want to read some data using I2C interface, but I'm having trouble on the idea of how should I set up a "typical I2C" interface in C++. Is there an example anywhere on how exactly can this be accomplished in C++? 2. When reading the on-board temperature value in C++ I keep receiving a constant value if I'm doing multiple reads in a row. How can I fix it so that every time I read the AD2 on-board temp value I would get an updated temp value not the initial value? Thank you!