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  1. The EJTAGproxy project brings GDB interface for MIPS processors, including PIC32. However, it currently supports Microchip PICkit2 and PICkit3, but not the chipKIT™ PGM programmer. I asked the developer about . His answer is the chipKIT PGM programmer relies on a proprietary protocol. Obviously, there is the command-line Microchip Debugger (MDB), but it requires the installation of the full MPLABX and it is not compatible with the standard GDB. Could the Digilent and chipKIT teams work together on adding the chipKIT PGM programmer to the JTAGproxy project? Also post
  2. Thank you for your answer. I have found interesting documents. For the chipKIT uC32, the SEGGER J-Link for MPLAB® X IDE application note, as well as the J-Link Microchip Adapter schematics for Microchip Debug Tool Connector / 2-wire JTAG corresponding to JP3 connector. However, the chipKIT Wi-Fire features 3 debugging ports: JP1 for Microchip Debug Tool Connector / 2-wire JTAG, undocumented JP3 labelled JTAG for 4-wire JTAG, and undocumented JP4 for trace (according to PIC32MZ2048EFG100 data-sheet) Does Digilent plan to release more information about how to debug the chipKIT boa
  3. Hi! I'm a big fan of standard tools, i.e. silicon vendor independent, like the Segger J-Link Programmer-Debugger I've reviewed. The Segger J-Link programmer-debugger lists Microchip PIC32MX and PIC32MZ among the MCUs it supports. Has anyone managed to connect the Segger J-Link and debug against a chipKIT board? Thank you!
  4. On the chipKIT Uno32, uC32, DP32 and WF32, the interrupt is raised for every byte in I²C slave mode. The corresponding MCUs are the PIC32MX320F128, PIC32MX340F512H, PIC32MX250F128B and PIC32MX695F512L. I don't know for other boards / MCUs as I've only tested with those I own. This bug/feature was confirmed at chipKIT forum and there's a related issue at the GitHub repository I2C wire library & repeated start (Sr) onReceive(handler) issue Slave Receive Problems http://chipkit.n
  5. The chipKIT Uno32 boards based on the PIC32MX320F128 has two link scripts: chipKIT-application-32MX250F128.ld for upload through USB, and chipKIT-application-32MX320F128-nobootloader.ld for use with chipKIT PGM. Where to find or how to develop the same nobootloader.ld for more recent chipKIT boards, including Wi-FIRE PIC32MZ2048ECG uC32 PIC32MX340F512H DP32 PIC32MX250F128B Thanks!