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  1. Good day @jpeyron, could an evaluation copy of xilinx vivado and sdk cause the board not to load sdk program when powered ON.......because i'v tried all procedure carefully .. but still having the problem unsolved.
  2. Good day @jpeyron, could an evaluation copy of xilinx vivado and sdk cause the board not to load sdk program when powered ON.......because i'v tried procedure carefully .. but still having the problem unsolved. ...tired of it
  3. @jpeyron, Good day.........i'v not gotten any response since i attached d link to my project?????????
  4. the project can be downloaded from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uPGOjPMkFhQ_B7TPsddDo4oDx2lN1prz i'm using Vivado 2017.3
  5. fLx

    Nexys4 ddr Ethernet

    still hoping to get possitive response from digilent team!!!.
  6. @jpeyron , please can you attach a baord file which contain the JA,JB,JC,JD ports
  7. Thank you very much @jpeyron, Yes i'm using the download.bit............i'm not using pmod port JA,JB,JC or JD because i couldn't find them in my ip file so what i used to do is to set it as external and constrain the pins in the xdc.....could that be the caus of it, how will i get the pmod port to my ip file?..... and besides, it do work if i run it ...just that the parmanent programming aspect is giving me issue.
  8. @jpeyron , i used 50MHz for the ext_spi_clk on the spi flash ip core.....attached is my block design and messages from each step
  9. Good day,..Pls concerning the permanent programming of the standalone project , Still not getting the result as i expected it to ...... firstly, i'm expecting it to run the project by it self when powered on, but what the board does is programming the .bit file alone . take for instanse, i want to display some string on the oledrgb without having to introduce a system to run the project from sdk. Or is it that, the "HOW TO STORE PROJECTCT IN SPI FLASH REFERENCE" provided by Digilent is just for the board to be configured with .bit file alone.? Or is there something that i'm not getting right? i carefully followed the process and everything was successful......when i reset the board , it programs itself but every instruction from the c programing is not being programmed. i'l have to press run from the sdk before it now start to execute the .c file on the board......... because if it's going to be working that way, then i'v wasted all my efforts and investement on Digilent Board.....................pls what's the solution?
  10. fLx

    Nexys4 ddr Ethernet

    i don't want to get discouraged!!!....
  11. if i'm right 0x003D0900 will hold for a size range to 4Mb?
  12. fLx

    Nexys4 ddr Ethernet

    i'v been trying so hard, spent nights, to get the ethernet communication through,having my nexys4 ddr as client or send string to teraterm from the main.c without having to expect input from the teraterm ....... all to no avail.....i'l so much appreciate if digilent team can provide the sample code as soon as possible ...thank you..
  13. fLx

    Nexys4 ddr Ethernet

    @jperon really appreciate your response, i'v tried out the echo.c u created, please is there a way i can send those string to the teraterm without having to expect an input from the teraterm...i noticed if i press the enter key alone on the tera term, the string will be written to the teraterm .....i'l so much appreciate it, if i can set the enter condition from my main.c so as to have the string writing to the teraterm when ever the condition is true , instead of having to press enter from the teraterm...and also i'l so much appreciate if digilent team can create a sample code that makes nexys4 ddr as client and not the host ....this will really help us understand the concept and move on from there..thanks.......
  14. thank you very much @jpeyron. i did not get any error while programming it...i got a message stating the process was successful .... what if i'm using compressed bitstream , how do i know the ofsset to be used for the FLASH _IMAGE_BASEADDR in the blconfig.h?...thank you.