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  1. AK72

    UIO Interrupts on Zynq

    hi @sg4036 i am still unable to see /dev/uio and /sys/class/uio/uio0
  2. AK72

    UIO Interrupts on Zynq

    @BNice i am still facing issue with it. my .config file: CONFIG_UIO=y CONFIG_UIO_PDRV_GENERIC=y CONFIG_UIO_XILINX_APM=y my device tree is gpio_if_axi_gpio: gpio@81240000 { #gpio-cells = <2>; #interrupt-cells = <2>; compatible = "generic-uio"; status = "okay"; gpio-controller ; interrupt-controller ; interrupt-parent = <&intc>; interrupts = <0 52 4>; reg = <0x81240000 0x10000>; xlnx,all-inputs = <0x1>; xlnx,all-inputs-2 = <0x0>; xlnx,all-outputs = <0x0>; xlnx,all-outputs-2 = <0x0>; xlnx,dout-default = <0x00000000>; xlnx,dout-default-2 = <0x00000000>; xlnx,gpio-width = <0x1>; xlnx,gpio2-width = <0x20>; xlnx,interrupt-present = <0x1>; xlnx,is-dual = <0x0>; xlnx,tri-default = <0xFFFFFFFF>; xlnx,tri-default-2 = <0xFFFFFFFF>; }; bt i am not able to see /dev/uio and /sys/class/uio/uio0
  3. AK72

    How to detect and handle UIO interrupt.

    hi @Saad Zia, which is the third argument that i should select... this is the details from the link u forwarded. // channel1 = input reg_write(ptr_axi_gpio, GPIO_TRI_OFFSET, 0xffffffff); // Global interrupt enable, Bit 31 = 1 reg_write(ptr_axi_gpio, GPIO_GLOBAL_IRQ, 0x80000000); // Channel 1 Interrupt enable reg_write(ptr_axi_gpio, GPIO_IRQ_CONTROL, 1); // enable the interrupt controller thru the UIO subsystem write(fd_int, (void *)&reenable, sizeof(int));
  4. AK72

    UIO Interrupts on Zynq

    hi @sg4036, thanks for your reply. what are the changes we need to make in device tree??
  5. AK72

    How to detect and handle UIO interrupt.

    hi @Saad Zia , can u share the final program and and device tree..
  6. AK72

    UIO Interrupts on Zynq

    hi sg4036, did u get proper code for this.. if yes can i share it with me