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  1. Hi, I successfully implemented XAPP495 at Atlys spartan 6... However... I need to modify the incoming video signal.... I need to convert it to YUV..... In simple words... I need to convert a RGB coming video to YUV... and briefly I need the U part only for face detection because that is what I am trying to do.. Anyone knowing which files to modify in order get a YUV output instead of RGB/.;;... In other words,.... I need Red minus(-) Green........ Then if answer is greater than 20 and less than 74.... make those pixels as 1... and all others as 0.... The information given h
  2. Can you reach out to any experienced engineer kindly??? Because I have few days left to submit the project report... Thank you!!!
  3. Hi, I was trying to get a single input from J3 to show on HDMI out J2 using xapp495 fixed on which can be downloaded as: https://joelw.id.au/FPGA/DigilentAtlysResources The problem that I am getting is that my output monitor says that it is NOT OPTIMUM MODE. RECOMMENDED MODE IS 1920x1080. The configuration of the jumper wires is shown in the figure below. I tried all button configurations but didnt see a single frame. I tried to implement VTC_DEMO seperately and I was able to see some coloured pattern generated on the monitor but if I implement DVI_demo/...... It took a lot out of m
  4. Okay... I can wait...... But kindly it is a request to be responded back as soon as possible....
  5. Can you kindly reach out to engineer who made the project Jpeyron???? I am in dire need of help.... Sorry to disturb you again and again.... But I guess you will understand
  6. My actual project is to detect face out of a video..... Even If I could do thresholding onto incoming video.... It would be enough..... But this project is so complex that i am unable to find the file in which I can modify the incoming RGB video
  7. Hi, I implemented the demo project ATLYS HDMI given in the resources of spartan 6.... But my project is to perform thresholding on the coming RGB video from the input source... and then show it to the output..... What I have been able to gather from the DEMO project is that the data is stored in the buffer register from the incoming input video source but I want to modify the data... and show an RGB to YUV converted video......... Kindly guide me.......... I specially request Jpeyron to look over
  8. I downloaded the HDMI demo from the given link https://reference.digilentinc.com/atlys:atlys:atlys I had XPS 14.7 while this project was made in 14.3, I was able to export the design and launch the SDK and import the hardware profile but I couldn't create a C project with all given files copied from the given link, It was step No. 4 in the given document. But exporting the SDK gave me a .bit file and instead of programming it through SDK, I programmed FPGA through ADEPT using the generated .bit file from the project. But the result that I got was as shown in the given figure, I got three