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  1. Hi, I have some test clips for a different logic analyzer but they don't fit well with the wiring that comes with the Digital Discovery (which I purchased). Can someone point me to some test clips that would work better? For an example of what I am looking for :
  2. thanks for the reply. So the waveforms software has built-in support to decode cpu address and data lines independently of each other?
  3. I work with old arcade PCBs from the early 80's. I have an arcade PCB with a hard-to-find defect and I'd like to use a logic analyzer on the 5V motorola 6809E CPU to trace the program execution and see where it's going wrong. Ideally, I'd like to hook up the logic analyzer to all of the address lines (16), all of the data lines (8), as well as the read/write line, and interrupt lines to get a very nice picture of the program flow. The cpu runs at 1 mhz. So... since this is a 5V cpu, is this a problem? And can the digital discovery's software independently decode the 16-bit address value and 8-bit data value (which will be valid on different phases of the cpu clock) ?