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  1. Hi @Benmo, Another follow-up question I have is what sort of behavior you are looking for in your described situation. If you want an LED or a different pin to become an output high when a particular input (button or otherwise) is at a logic high state, then you your code is essentially done. The catch here is that when that input is becomes logic low the LED or other output will also become low. If you instead want to keep its state (press once, the output turns "on", press again, the output turns "off", repeat), that will become more difficult, especially with the button bounce that @[email protected]
  2. Hi @johu, I don't know if 'impossible' is necessary the correct term, but 'quite difficult' considering that we don't know for certain what other (and how many) ICs got damaged. Based on Digilent's Return Policy though, there will not be a lot that Digilent can do to help you in terms of having us repair the board. Thank you, JColvin
  3. Hi @ADN, We have responded to your other threads here and here. For future reference, you can also edit any post that you made to add in or update the information by clicking the "Edit" word at the bottom of the individual post. Thanks, JColvin
  4. Hi @Orel, Unfortunately, the Digilent engineers here on the Forum do not have any experience with the Synopsys ARC processors, so we will not have anything to offer in this regard. Thank you, JColvin
  5. Hi @johu, I'm personally not aware of other things you could attempt since you have tried other other cables and power supply options, but the engineer much more familiar with the AD2 will see this thread and let you know if there is something else you could try; it may be a couple of days until they respond due to the weekend and timezone differences. The only other question I had to help clarify things is were you using the AD2 with the USB isolator and that USB Hub in these past few months successfully or was this a new thing that you had attempted in your setup? Thank you,
  6. JColvin

    Damaged HS2 cable?

    Hi @Theo, I have sent you a PM about this. Thanks, JColvin
  7. Hello @duncan crane, I have moved your question to the section of the Forum where the Digilent engineer who is most familiar with the AD2 will be able to see and respond to your question, though with timezone differences it may be a couple of days (till Monday) when they are able to respond. Thank you, JColvin
  8. Hello @Gareth O'Brien, Unfortunately, it looks like the Rev D version of the board that you have is missing the bootloader. Do you know if the board has been used with MPLAB X or something similar in the past that may have erased the bootloader? Thanks, JColvin
  9. Hi @pollutioncontroltech, Unless Notarobot and xc6lx45 have worked with this specific project (which I suspect they have not) they would not know if the project you linked to would be able to run at alternate resolutions at higher frame rates; that'll be a question for the creators of that particular demo. Glancing through the documentation, it looks like it was also a paid IP core that ran this demo, so the likely-hood that some users on this Forum have paid for this IP core (Digilent has not) and are able to readily give out advice is not so high. A look at the datasheet for the camera
  10. Hi @smilingfish, I have sent you a PM about this. Thanks, JColvin
  11. JColvin

    HDMI in for ARTY-Z7-20

    Hi @Mahesh, We took a look at the project again and found another issue with the released project where some of the SDK material wasn't set up correctly. We'll get a verified project that does more than just the bitstream generation soon. Thank you for your patience, JColvin
  12. Hi @squirrel1, 1) I believe so; it looks like in the deWebIOServerSrc.cpp file there is a AddHTMLPage(szHTMLReboot, ComposeHTMLRebootPage); which you can dig into further in the main HTTPServer file (a couple of file levels up from where the deWebIOServer example is located on your computer). I don't think there is any pre-made example for it though and it goes beyond my knowledge of the network stack that this demo is built off of, so I won't be of a lot more help in that regard. 2) It should be able to handle css just fine. I didn't do any extensive testing or anything like that (a
  13. JColvin


    Hi @aiswarya, Digilent has not worked with that particular chip, so I would recommend going through the XADC User Guide from Xilinx and asking the manufacturer of your board (or Xilinx if you are just working with the chip and it is not a dev board) for more accurate details. Thank you, JColvin
  14. Hi @xc6lx45, I don't think there is anything written down anywhere that you could have read that states this, but there's a ~10 MB total upload limit to members. Believe it or not, you're one of the first people (I think there have been others) to have hit this limit that didn't involve attempting to upload too large of Vivado projects. The immediate solution would be to use DropBox or something similar, or to create your own album/folder in the Gallery where the restrictions are more lenient and not affected by the upload total from the individual posts. Otherwise, what I will look
  15. Hello @Pravallika, I don't believe that Digilent has a specific demo for using a keyboard on the ZedBoard (since all of the support and material for the ZedBoard is on Zedboard.org). You would likely want to use a pre-built linux image such as the one here or here, though I imagine others are also available as community projects on Zedboard.org. Alternatively, as explained further in this thread, you could use a USB to PS2 converter to let you use a more straightforward PS2 controller. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks, JColvin
  16. JColvin

    HDMI in for ARTY-Z7-20

    Hi @Mahesh, The project on the GitHub and the various wiki links should be updated with the correct material now. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks, JColvin
  17. JColvin

    HDMI in for ARTY-Z7-20

    Hello @Mahesh, Presuming you got the project from the Arty Z7-20 HDMI-in release page on our GitHub (https://github.com/Digilent/Arty-Z7-20-hdmi-in/releases) it appears that one of the needed folders as part of the release is missing. We will get the correct version of the project re-uploaded sometime today or tomorrow; I'll let you know when this happens. Thank you for your patience, JColvin
  18. Hi @theUltimateSource, I don't know if there is an immediate solution on Digilent's end, but do the images that you are observing match what we also noticed for the Pcam 5C here: https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/zybo-z7-pcam-5c-demo/start#pcam_5c_image_quality_notes? Thanks, JColvin
  19. JColvin

    Arty Part Number For D1

    Hello @ds1986, I have moved your question to a more appropriate section of the Forum. The part number of D1 is NSQA6V8AW5T2G. Thanks, JColvin
  20. Hi @gozie, I have moved your question to a more appropriate section of the Forum where the appropriate engineer will be able to see and respond to your question. Based on this thread you may need to adjust your expected gain and range for the network analyzer. Thanks, JColvin
  21. Hi @Android, I'm personally not experienced with the interrupts in Microblaze either, but it looks like there may be a function that does it according to this, microblaze_enable_interrupts(). It is working with EDK though so I don't know how things may have changed now. Thank you, JColvin
  22. Hi @RossK, I am finding out if my answers are correct before submitting them since I didn't create the WaveFormsLive software and personally have not played around with it in this way, so I'd like to avoid giving false/misleading information if I can. Thanks, JColvin
  23. Hi @squirrel1, I don't believe there is a such a limitation on the name of the network to connect to; my hotspot is 11 characters with a space in the middle; the only thing I did (which I imagine you did as well) was have the SSID in quotes to show that it is a string. I'm not as familiar with the various HTML capabilities and features, so I can't speak towards why the flexbox isn't working, but I do know that you do need the HomePage.htm to exist at the root of the SD file system to then call/link to your own page. I'm not certain on the blank browser window. I presume your phone an
  24. Hello @ReiVilo, I spoke with our engineer who would be the one that would facilitate such an endeavor and they informed me that there is currently no such plan to add that functionality. Thank you, JColvin
  25. JColvin

    Pmod SSD

    Hi @mbo, In addition to what @artvvb said, the Basys 3 Abacus demo also has some associated HDL for a seven segment display (built into the Basys 3 itself) if you wanted to look at that as well. Thanks, JColvin