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  1. Hi abdelmoughni, It's good to hear that you got the original demo project working correctly on the board, but I'm not sure what the issue you are running into is. My guess would be that there is something that you still need to include from the original demo, but I am not an FPGA expert by any means, so I personally don't know what it might be. I'll ask some of our applications engineers about this though to see if they can spot what you are running into. Thanks, JColvin
  2. Hi Alex, Unfortunately, I personally can't answer all of the questions, but I do have a clarification question for you. Did you link to just dwf or did you link to dwf.lib? The other thread that attila answered recommended that you just use dwf, but some of the things you posted above still make reference to dwf.lib. Thanks, JColvin
  3. Hi Steve, I found out that this particular error was probably a QA issue where the same serial number was accidentally loaded twice into two different boards. That being said, while it is certainly possible that this issue could happen again, I would expect it to be unlikely. Thanks, JColvin
  4. Here is a more direct picture of the connector confirming the diagram shown on the power supply brick for those who are curious. The labeled voltages were confirmed with a multimeter.
  5. JColvin

    60W PCIe connector

    From the album: Forum photos

    A labeled picture of the 60W PCIe connector.
  6. Hi, The software you are looking for is Xilinx's ISE. The download page for it is available on their website here. Feel free to post on the Forum if you have any more questions! Thanks, JColvin
  7. A customer on our website asked: I bought a CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Board. Can you give me a link to download the xilinx development software that works with it?Thanks The response is below.
  8. Hi artvvb, I'm slightly confused about your code. The Pmod8LD counter does not appear to be actually implemented, is there an easy way to do that? As a side note, you can use a breadboard with the power header J2 on the uC32 so that you don't have to dedicate 6 I/O pins towards power. You could also use the PmodDIP with the Pmod8LD to plug it into a breadboard or use a shift register to transfer data to the Pmod8LD since that would cut down your I/O pin usage. Thanks, JColvin
  9. ....The post attila linked to was definitely the one I thought I had linked to...not sure what happened there.
  10. Hi jutlwj, I found out that Adept has not been designed to support that particular Spartan 6 chip and there are no plans to create support for that chip, so you would need to use ISE with iMPACT in order to program your board. Thanks, JColvin
  11. Hi Jochen, Just posting back to let you know I found the person maintaining a list of updates on the OpenScope, but they haven't gotten opportunity yet to relay the appropriate information to me as of yet. Hopefully I will get that information from them today or tomorrow and post back here. Thank you for your patience, JColvin
  12. Hi Alex, I don't know if this will solve your problem, but I would recommend checking out this other thread on our forum here. Thanks, JColvin
  13. Thanks for posting how you found out the answer!
  14. Hi Sean, If the Arduino is working nicely, I'm not certain what the issue might be. One option I suppose would be to uninstall and reinstall the USB and FTDI drivers to make sure everything is installed nicely, but I do not know for certain if that will work. Alternatively, you could actually use the Arduino IDE with the chipKIT Core if you are not already and see if that helps. Let me know if that works out for you or if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  15. Hi Ton, If you can post your question in chipKIT section of the Forum, we can make sure the appropriate applications engineer can see your question and help you. Thanks, JColvin
  16. Hi Bilal, Welcome to the Digilent Forums! Feel free to post any questions you have regarding FPGAs in our FPGA section of the Forum. Thanks, JColvin
  17. Hi Mkarasch, Digilent actually just re-sells Multisim (in combination with Digilent boards), so we personally not able to support Multisim properly. I would recommend instead posting on this NI forum here. Thanks, JColvin
  18. JColvin

    VHDL - 10% duty cycle

    Hi Min_ah, I would recommend checking out these two threads here that talk about implementing PWM on an FPGA (links here and here). Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  19. Hi Anis, I have asked some of our applications engineers to see if they can locate the mentioned reference design for reading and writing to the StrataFlash. Thanks, JColvin
  20. JColvin

    Anvyl demo documentation

    Hello, I have asked some of our applications engineers who are more familiar with the Anvyl about this; they will get back to you here on the Forum. Thanks, JColvin
  21. JColvin

    Anvyl demo documentation

    A customer on the website asked Hello I am trying to get some documentation such as a functional description of one of the Anvyl demos that are available in the resource guide (demo name - 03.Anvyl_KYPD_SEG_Demo.) The information included in the PDF is fairly high level lacking much of the design detail. Could you possibly supply more information about the design of the demo and how each of the components are interacting together? Thanks! The response is below.
  22. Hi jutlwj, I am not familiar with the Spartan 6 part that you listed (it is not present on any Digilent boards), but I will ask some of our applications engineers for a list of boards that Adept does support. If Adept does not support this board (the Spartan 6 that Dan listed is one of Digilent's boards which is why Adept was working nicely for him), you may need to use Xilinx ISE with iMPACT. As a side note, I'm not sure how you're programming the Spartan 6 with Vivado since Vivado does not actively support any boards older than their 7-series boards... Thanks, JColvin
  23. JColvin

    Accessing of PMODs in ZYBO

    Hi Dev, I apologize for the delay. What you will want to do is assign the pin name on the Pmod port to the physical pin on the FPGA in the .xdc file. Then, you will be able to write some HDL that assigns a signal (such as 1 or 0) to the Pmod port to blink an LED on or off. Some more details on how to do this can be found in this thread here. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  24. JColvin

    Genesys2 demo project

    Hi zygot, I have contacted Sam to let him know that you are still waiting on an update. Thank you for your time, JColvin
  25. Hi kypropex, I personally wasn't able to find a nice tutoral for what you're looking for, but I did find these two tutorials on our Wiki (here and here) that go through getting started with MicroBlaze and getting a base system design setup (premade code) on the Arty board so you can get an LED strip going. I'll ask some of our applications engineers to see if they know of anything that is more suited towards a beginner designing things themselves. Thanks, JColvin