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  1. A customer on our website asked the following question: Hi,I purchased some CHipkit max32 boards and chipkit network shields for use with the CAN BUS features.I haven't been able to find any official library or demo for the CAN BUS on chiptkit max32, all I can find is some public github projects with code from 2011 or 2012. What should I be using to start working with CAN BUS controllers on the chitkit? The response is below.
  2. Hello, You can find a number of tutorials for FPGAs and ISE for introductory on our Learn site here: https://learn.digilentinc.com/list?category=Digital. Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  3. A customer on our website asked the following question: I will be teaching a Digital Circuits (undergraduate) course in the Fall semester and I need all the help I can get. We will be using 'Diligent NexyS4 Artix-7 FPGA board and Xilinx_ISE 14.7. Could you inform as to where I might find tutorials and other materials that would be useful to someone who is starting from scratch with Xilinx? I would like to start with simple circuits.Regards, The response is below.
  4. Hello, I talked to the appropriate engineer and found out that any chipKIT uC32 purchased from the Digilent Store (http://store.digilentinc.com/chipkit-uc32-basic-microcontroller-board-with-uno-r3-headers/) have all been ensured to have the correct bootloader loaded. We do not know the status of other uC32's sold by other companies. Alternatively, you could use a chipKIT programmer (http://store.digilentinc.com/chipkit-pgm-programmer-debugger-for-use-with-digilent-chipkit-platforms/) to then upload the new bootloader available on the uC32 resource center here: https://reference.digilentinc.com/chipkit_uc32:chipkit_uc32. There is also a guide available on uploading the new bootloader on the resource center as well. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  5. A customer asked the following question on our website: Dear Digilent, A while back, I purchased a uc32 from Amazon which I could not load and test with the blink demo. After various trials I posted to the forum and received:Yes, the board will most likely have the wrong bootloader on it.A batch of about 1600 of them came out of the factory with the wrong bootloader on.It works most of the time, but with PIC32PROG under Windows it fails.When should I order another as a prototype? What is the production number range which encompass the incorrect firmware? The response is below.
  6. JColvin

    Vivado schematic capture

    Hello, Xilinx's Vivado Design Suite does not support schematic entry. If you happen to have schematic files from Xilinx's older ISE, you can convert those into HDL code as described in this thread on our technical forum. Otherwise, the only other product that Digilent sells (but does not make) is the NI Multisim Student Edition, which does support schematic capture and can also export digital logic designs into VHDL. However, as Digilent only re-sells Multisim, we are not able to offer proper technical support for it so any technical questions you have about it would need to be directed to NI's forum. I also want to point out that NI does have some tutorial material available for Multisim here. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  7. JColvin

    Vivado schematic capture

    A customer on our website asked the following question: Hi,I have got a set of Digilent Basys3 and Vivado. I am intending to use the platform to conduct a year 1 undergraduate module on digital system where students learn about digital logic, combinatorial circuits and sequential machine. I notice that Vivado will you to program in VHDL or Verilog, do you know if it can allow you to program using schematic entry? In my course, as students are not exposed to high level programming, I would like them to get started with simple schematic entry using gates and flips-flops before they move onto HDL? If the Vivado does not allow, does your company have other products that allows schematic entry programming? Thank you.Best regards, The response is below.
  8. Hi kampianakis, Xilinx's ISE webpack is the correct choice for the Coolrunner II starter kit. Vivado is only compatible with the 7-series Xilinx chips and newer; it does not support the older chips. I suspect the reason you heard that Vivado was recommended is because ISE is no longer actively supported by Xilinx, they only support and update Vivado now. You can find resources for the Coolrunner II linked in this thread on our Forum. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  9. Hello, You may program both the Basys 3 or the Nexys 4 DDR in either Verilog or VHDL in the Vivado Design Suite. From a broad perspective, yes all you would essentially need to do is use the appropriate xdc file for whichever FPGA you choose. The xdc file for both boards are available in their Resource Centers for the Basys 3 and the Nexys 4 DDR. As for which board to choose, I suppose the biggest question to answer would be what sort of features are you intending to use or hope to use in the future? If you are wanting to try out DDR memory, a little bit of audio, and/or have some integrated Ethernet, as well as some "standard" I/O, I would recommend the Nexys 4 DDR. If you just need more of a barebones FPGA that just has the I/O and can get the job done in terms of processing, the Basys 3 may be better for you. As for the PmodNIC100, in principle I suppose it is possible to use it with the Basys 3, but as indicated by this other comment on this thread (it also applies for the PmodNIC100 as well as the PmodWiFi), it has never been successfully done (at least to my knowledge). Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  10. A customer on our website asked the following question: Hello I am a Electrical Engineering student. This spring semester I took a Digital Dsign Systems with Verilog and used the Basys 3 board. I don't have much money but wanted to invest and buy a board to polish my skills and keep practicing. I haven't decided yet if I should buy the Basys 3 or the Nexys 4 DDR. Does it works with Verilog in the vivado suit just like the Basys3? or not? Because that's what I learned, I worked with Verilog in Vivado. Do I only need to change the xdc file and program like I am used to? please give me advice I am a senior Mechatronic student and studied at UT Austin this spring semester as an exchange student..P.S. Does the PmodNIC100 network controller work with the Basys3?Thank you in advance. The response is below.
  11. Hi ASMartin, I personally haven't heard anything new for the aforementioned replacement for the VmodCAM, but I have asked some of the appropriate engineers to see if they can provide an update. Thanks, JColvin
  12. Hi Mehdim, Based on this other thread in our Forum, you will need to use the mig.prj file to get the DDR3 memory incorporated into your design since it is not included in the .xdc file by default (see the last comment in the linked thread for the reasoning behind this). As for your other question, I have asked some of our applications engineers about it; they will get back to you here on the Forum. Thanks, JColvin
  13. Hi bajelly, I personally don't know the answer to your question, but I would recommend checking out this other thread on our forum where it seems that a user was able to get the Audio Codec working for the Zybo with petalinux. Let us know if you have any any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  14. Hi bremenpl, Currently, there is not any support for exporting the scope view into a vector graphics format. I'm not one of the developers, but my gut reaction (potentially invalid reaction) would be that zooming in would force interpolation between data points which may then convey inaccurate information, especially in sensitive applications, but I also imagine that consequence would only be significant in a small number of cases. Regardless though, I do agree that would be a nice side feature. Thanks, JColvin
  15. Hi Matt, I have asked some of our applications engineers about this; they will get back to you here on the Forum. Thanks, JColvin
  16. Hi Pierre, You're right in the fact that the Rev C schematics aren't up on our website, just the Rev B. I'll put in a request to get it updated. As for the differences between the two revisions, I'm not sure what the difference is, so I've asked some of our applications engineers about it; they'll get back to you here on the Forum. Thanks, JColvin
  17. Hi George, I've moved your question to a more appropriate section of the forum. I'm bummed to hear that your Analog Discovery isn't working for you at the moment. I presume the ideal situation for you at the moment would be to see if we can get your Analog Discovery up and running again. Is it no longer being recognized by your OS (which OS do you have) or is it just not being recognized by WaveForms? What edition of WaveForms do you have? Thanks, JColvin
  18. Hi JohnBee, What edition of Waveforms 2015 do you have? I know for editions 3.3.3 and earlier there was a known problem with the calibration where it would fail as you described, but I believe in the most recent edition (3.3.5) this issue was corrected, although I have not gotten to opportunity to confirm this for myself. Thanks, JColvin
  19. JColvin

    Adept DPTI support

    Hi nversluis, I asked some of our applications engineers about your question previously, but I have not heard back from them yet so I will let them know that you are still waiting for a response. Thank you for your patience, JColvin
  20. Hi ks0ze, From my understanding, you may submit an RMA for unused licenses by emailing Digilent support - support (at) digilentinc (dot) com. Please let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  21. JColvin

    JTAG SMT2 current draw

    Hello, I have asked some of our applications engineers about this; they will get back to you here on the forum. Thanks, JColvin
  22. JColvin

    JTAG SMT2 current draw

    A customer on our website asked the following question: TOPIC : JTAG SMT2 Technical queryQUERY: What is the maximum value and typical value of the supply current drawn by the JTAG-SMT2 from the supply voltages VDD and VREF. Provided VDD=3.3V and VREF=2.5V in my design. The response is below.
  23. Hello, I talked with the appropriate engineers and found that there are currently not any other Home Editions available at this time, just the 2014 Edition. There is also not any plans currently in the works to release a newer edition of LabVIEW Home. Thanks, JColvin
  24. A customer on our website asked the following question. Shortly after I ordered Labview Home Edition 2014 (as part of the LabVIEW Physical Computing Kit (LABVIEW-PCK), Labview 2015 was released. Is there a way to upgrade to the 2015 version of Labview Home Edition without paying full price.....since NI does not distribute Labview Home, they are not able to advise me on this. Thanks for your help!! The response is below.
  25. JColvin

    Connect HDMI to ZedBoard

    Hi Rohit, Unless the creator of that code happens to find this thread on the Digilent forum, there will likely be limited support in terms of using the 3rd party project code. Otherwise, what do you mean by you cannot download the clean project? Does Vivado state that the project is corrupted in some way or something else? Which sort of connections on the ZedBoard are you referring to? By software do you mean Vivado, or the code posted on the hamsterworks website? Thanks, JColvin