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  1. From the album: Forum photos

    The resulting current i based on where the differential channel ends are located in relation to the resistor.
  2. FPGAs are inherently very versatile with many different sorts of features packed into a particular package and architecture. So why not have some Digilent FPGA boards that predominately use such features as opposed to others, rather than having multiple options that are all slightly different but at the same time almost the same? Here are some ideas that have been brought up to me: Low end Artix board that focuses on the PCIe capabilities of the 7-series chip Board that focuses on video applications without a bunch of extra switches and no VGA. Who today uses a monitor that only o
  3. One thing that was brought up to me is that currently in our store and Wiki there is no way to nicely narrow down the choice of which FPGA board should be chosen for a particular task, based on the needs of having a variety of features to fill. An ideal situation would be to have something like Newegg or Digikey style where you could check boxes of what sort of features you would like and narrow down your available options from there but from my understanding, the website store does not support such a feature. But maybe it does? I'll have to ask to find out for sure. Presuming it doe
  4. So, the phrasing is rough around the edges and with a tone of (not unwarranted) frustration, but I would like to think this is customer feedback, correct @zygot? Maybe in the future such feedback (from anybody, myself included) whether it be a wishlist, product idea, or technical recommendation, could go in the Suggestions and Feedback subsection of the Forum? I plan on posting there after this to make a few suggestions myself that [email protected] brought up to me (things like selection guides/tables). As for the question, speaking as a non-layout/hardware-design engineer, I imagine that there isn't
  5. @Notarobot, You have the community super-star status because you have passed the 100 post mark. As @zygot has pointed out on a different thread, this can seem to indicate that one has a dizzying level of competence (which I will be the first to point out that I personally do not have a dizzying level of competence although I currently have the highest number of posts out of anybody on this Forum, but that's merely because I've spent more hours on the Forum than anybody and joined back in September 2014). What I think should be done (and obviously haven't done despite zygot suggesting
  6. @mihai5, Unfortunately, there is no solved button in the header of the thread that I can see to enable or make exist. The closest thing that I could think of would be to change the title of the post to include "[solved]" or something like that; tedious and frustrating to be sure, but the current reality. Edit: looks like on the main Embedded Linux page, it looks like it has that green check mark to show it is solved, so that might work out. Thanks, JColvin
  7. Hello @mihai5, Generally, if you are the original creator of the thread, there should be a grayed out checkmark next to the post you want to mark as "best answer/response". It would be on the left hand side, fairly close to your name on the post in question. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, JColvin
  8. Hello @zygot, I'm not able to offer any guarantee of things happening since I'm not part of the appropriate meetings, but I personally think that having a section of the board dedicated to differentially paired GPIO would be a great idea; I know you certainly aren't the only customer to suggest this on the Forum since there have been requests that have come through other channels as well. I do have a couple of implementation questions though; how would you imagine these pins are available to the end user? I think in the past (I don't have any sort of confirmation on this) that this w
  9. Hello, I hate to jump in here, but in order to not confuse any future readers of this thread about what the original question was (since I believe ZYLL's question has been answered at this point; using HDL will be the way to go to toggle a pin a high frequency reliably), I would recommend that discussion on the various merits of tools whether provided by the community or a vendor for their own products be relocated to a separate thread. I'm personally okay at this point in time with the discussion happening on the Forum in general (in fact I'm curious to see people's thoughts on it),
  10. Hello! Welcome to the Digilent Forums! All of us here, both Digilent Staff and our incredible community members, are excited to be able to help you out with your project. That being said, we are not the ultimate experts on Embedded Linux. A couple of us have a decent amount of experience, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we can identify the issue and have the solution to your problem for your exact distro, drivers, board, and application. We will try to help out the best that we can, but it may take some additional time to provide feedback on any questions that you may hav
  11. @Bob M, From this thread it looks like you would be able to download the hex files directly from the OpenScope MZ Resource Center and then load them only the OpenScope MZ. I'm not too involved with the OpenScope MZ software/firmware so I personally don't have any other advice beyond that. @dmw0472, I personally don't have any guess as to why the switch between Windows machines worked. Dharsan or Kristoff may have a better guess, but that'll be tomorrow (at least locally) before they jump back on the Forum. Thanks, JColvin
  12. Hi @Mark1000, I'm no Windows Driver/ WaveForms expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I'll see if I can do some 'translating' since I've at least been on the Forum for a long while. I think that what @attila was presuming was that since your PC was standalone without internet that there would be some additional requirements to go along with that so the silent mode instructions (which do exactly as you presumed, install without any extra input on your part). Yes, the "Kit" should just be a folder that is on the same level/in the same file folder as the WaveForms 2015 exec
  13. Letting you know that I'm also still waiting for how we would like to incorporate this work that you have done. Offhand I would recommend sending a pull request, but I personally don't know if that is the way we would like things structured since I imagine there is a chance we would want different folders for different versions of Vivado on GitHub, but again I'm not sure on that. Thanks, JColvin
  14. Hello, Unfortunately, we do not have a set of solutions for the labs in Real Analog - Circuits 1. The reason for this is the creator of the labs (who no longer works at Digilent) felt that there was never going to be a 'correct' answer, primarily because a number of the questions from the lab worksheets ask for the schematic that the student used in their particular project which will inevitably vary from student to student and yet can all still be correct. Additionally, some of the questions ask for lab data from the students which is even more difficult to grade since one cannot fully k
  15. Hi @Tony Mauro, The reference manual has been updated as appropriate and is available here: https://reference.digilentinc.com/_media/reference/programmable-logic/cmod-s6/cmods6_rm.pdf (different link that what Michael originally gave). Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you, JColvin
  16. The title has been edited as appropriate. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with the FMC to give any useful feedback though. And quoting @RisinT96, where did you add the line of code that you were originally attempting to add (even though it apparently didn't solve what you were seeing)? Also what does the display show when you run the project? Thanks, JColvin
  17. Hi @mehdiru, I know a number of people that would be interested in such a conversion! I personally think it would be great if we incorporated your work on our GitHub, but unfortunately I don't have control over such things. I did let our content manager for our GitHub know what you have done though and that you would like to share your work, so hopefully that all goes smoothly. Thanks, JColvin
  18. Hello, From my understanding at this point in time, none of the Digilent FPGA boards are compatible with LabVIEW. LabVIEW is able to interact with our microcontroller boards and our instrumentation line and we have VIs to go with them, but not for our FPGAs at this point in time. Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  19. Hello, Here's the response I got back from the designer of the cases: The most popular FDM 3D print materials are PLA and ABS. In our office, we have been printing with PLA. That being said, I would recommend to print with PLA since this material is easier to work with and there are plenty of slicer profiles for any user to setup and adjust their printer to get them started. But don’t let this be the limitation, feel free to print away with other materials that have different mechanical properties, and keep us updated. As far as units, the STL files have been exported in millimet
  20. @BigGuy1000, I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner; I have asked the appropriate person at Digilent what the answer to your questions are and will reply back with the answer. Thanks, JColvin
  21. JColvin


    This was a response to jpeyron by the original poster, but it got placed as a report on the post rather than a reply. Here is the post of what I presume was intended to be posted: Hi jpeyron, thank you very much for your kind cooperation and for the information regarding my issue . you have mentioned apost in matlab community is posted by me and i have tried over jtag same error persist. I am unable to debug the cause that is the main issue. But anyway once again thank you for your kind support to me. with regards, Morla Lakshmi Sai kumar
  22. Hello @buddin buddin, I don't have Mutlisim Blue (or the Student edition of Multisim from Digilent) on my computer, but my initial thought is that the two sets of Mutisim did not get installed in the same location so they are unaware that the other installation (and the corresponding parts library) exists on your machine. What you would likely want to do is merge the two databases of parts together by following this guide from NI; however, as per the guide, this only works if the two versions of Multisim are the same and I don't know if the Multisim Blue is version 14 or not, so you may n
  23. Hello, Would you be able to provide some pictures of your setup? Based on the datasheet for that chip (is this the correct chip?) I'm getting a little confused as to which pins you are referring to when you mention the other pin numbers. I know one thing you will want to make sure you do is to enable the positive power supply for the Analog Discovery 2 inside of WaveForms; you are able to click "on" the positive supply, but you also need to set the master enable to be on as well. For the Static IO, make sure that your outputs going to the two inputs of each AND gate are set to be switches
  24. From the album: Forum photos

    A setup with the Analog Discovery 2 for a SN74LS08N using static IO.
  25. @zygot, I looked at what I envisioned it would be (on the Scopes and Instruments section with the Analog Discovery troubleshooting as what I had in mind) and it became apparent that I misunderstood what the comment pinning would look like for myself, since the thread I was going to reference has the entire thread pinned and not the comment. :/ I suppose I was imagining having a particular comment always be visible on the very first page of the thread, but the only one that is guaranteed to be there (since I tend to sort comments by date rather than by rating so an upvoted comment doe