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  1. Hi jbirriel84, I personally think MPIDE is a little easier to use as a program (in my mind), but I'll explain both. To use MPIDE, you would need to connect the USB cable to the UART port and make sure that the jumper block for where the power is coming from (J12) is connected to "URT". MPLAB on the other hand would use the Debug port that you have and would need the jumper block on the "DBG" position. More information on programming either way can be found in it's most up to date reference manual here in our wiki. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  2. Hi, At least for me in the Gallery, I can click on the "Add Images" button, choose my photos and click next, and then see the option of choosing to add the image to an existing album, create a new album, along with the adding a description for an image and what not (link to gallery photo). Is that option not visible for you? Thanks, JColvin
  3. Hello Ioannis Patronas, I have forwarded this question onto our support team who will get back to you here on the forum. Thanks, JColvin
  4. Sweet! Feel free to share any projects you come up with on our project vault!
  5. Hi nenadko, From my understanding, there is a problem of some sort (I'm not sure what it is) with that particular build of MPIDE. I have I2C working on both an older and newer version of MPIDE, you can view the whole list of builds here. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, JColvin
  6. Hi, I don't know if it would work the same or not. I suppose you could write down the original file names and then make the same sort of changes and see if it works (or change it back if it doesn't). Otherwise, maybe you could try a similar method to what this person did. Thanks, JColvin
  7. Hi bahare, I have moved your question to a more appropriate section of the forum. I don't have much experience with FPGA's, but I would recommend checking out the ZYBO Resource Center. If you happen to be using the Zedboard, it has its own community website at here, although I can't speak for what they have available. Thanks, JColvin
  8. Hi Jrlin, Truthfully speaking, any microcontroller that can communicate over the SPI interface (which is what the PmodAD5 uses to communicate) can work very well with the PmodAD5. Some details on how you might get it up and running can be found from our reference manual and this forum thread. Unfortunately, we don't have any code examples for the Pmod at this point in time. Personally, I would use a chipKIT uC32 since that is what I am most familiar with. It can be programmed in a very "Arduino-like" way and is pretty powerful for what it is. But if you already have a couple of microcontrollers of your own on hand and they have standard SPI capability, you will be good to go. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  9. Hi BJWilliams, Oh, is this it? The NI Digital Electronics Board that can come with the NI Elvis II? If that is the case, since Digilent does not sell this board (nor the NI Elvis or myDAQ) we do not have any support for it. You will need to contact National Instruments to find out if it can interface nicely with myDAQ since we would not be able to answer that question accurately. I personally suspect that it would not be able to connect to the myDAQ because it does not have the MSP connector that the myDAQ has, but I don't know if an adapter exists. I'm sorry we couldn't offer any more help. Thanks, JColvin
  10. Hi, I would recommend checking out the tutorials that we have on our Learn site. We have a set of modules designed for the MX7 with MPLAB, which I've linked to in my earlier link. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin
  11. Hi BJWilliams, I'm still not sure what board you are referring to; I don't personally recognize the description. Perhaps you can upload a photo to our Gallery? Thanks, JColvin
  12. Hi rman12345, I sent you a PM with some details.
  13. Hi BJWilliams, I'm not certain which board you're referring to from the barcode. Is it perhaps one of these two boards; the myDigital or the myProto? Thanks, JColvin
  14. Hi Manoj Peiris, In principle you are certainly allowed to connect to FPGAs to a single PC. What you will be limited by (and what you need to try out) is if your application can control both of the boards at the same time. Thanks, JColvin
  15. Hi Flyline, Unfortunately, there is currently no user guide (in the style that you're hoping for) for the Digilent IP Stack. The most information that I have been able to find can be found in the links from this particular forum thread. You could also try checking out this Instructable that shows how to control a microcontroller over WiFi with the Digilent IP Stack. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, JColvin