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  1. The wiki has been updated.
  2. Hello @Andrei Kh., Thank you for pointing that mistake out; I am personally working on getting this correct, although I am admittedly baffled as to why this was never brought up by anybody before. It seems unlikely that everybody would have only looked at the PDF. Regardless, it will be fixed today. Thank you, JColvin
  3. Hello @lekgolo167, I learned that the 128 Mbit SPI Flash is correct and put in the request to get the webpage updated, although I hope that one day that Digilent goes for the 128 MB since who doesn't want access to a Gbit of flash? Thanks, JColvin
  4. Hello, I have sent you a PM about this. Thanks, JColvin
  5. Hello, This is just my experience, but I always just tied the chipSelect pin to ground since whenever I tried to cycle it on and off, I remember getting some funky displays as well. I don't have an Pmod OLED on me at the moment to verify this though. To be fair, this isn't the best coding practice for the SPI protocol (especially if you plan to be using other SPI devices with your MCU), but the Basic IO Shield (which has the same OLED) has its CS pin tied to ground with a pull-down resistor and not even have it connected to a digital signal, which is still strange to me, since I would have thought that it would need to be brought to a logic high at some point, but the OLED always worked as expected. So, I guess my answer is try keeping the CS line logic low. Thanks, JColvin
  6. Hi Jose, It sounds like you have everything hooked up right (presuming you left the shorting blocks for the 5V regulator in the default location with LDO IN connected to VU and LDO OUT connected to 5V0; I imagine you that you do, but I figured I'd cover all the bases anyway). I'm also guessing you don't have the Wi-FIRE attempting to do run anything at the moment either so its not attempting to draw a whole bunch of current when you power it with the 12V supply. I know I have gotten the 5V regulator on a different MCU board (I think it was the uC32 which has the same regulator) to keep power cycling since I was drawing too much current off of the 5V rail with a 9V external supply, so the regulator kept overheating and automatically entering its thermal shutdown mode, which I imagine some power supplies might notify you in some way if the load on them suddenly shut off, but who knows. Then again, I was also running 20+ LEDs off of that 5V rail with no current protection, which I doubt you are doing. Let me know what you find. Thanks, JColvin
  7. That's the page I was looking at, but when I looked it had definitely said 16MB in the bulleted list, but now I'm seeing the same thing as you with the 128MB in the bulleted list and the 128 Mbit in the block diagram. I will find out what the appropriate spec is and make sure it gets updated. I suspect that the 128 Mbit is correct since you have to type out several more letters so it is harder to be misinterpreted initially, but who knows. Thank you for pointing out this discrepancy! Thanks, JColvin
  8. That is...strange. As far as I know, no speaker/buzzer exists on the Wi-FIRE. What sort of power supply voltage are you connecting? 5V, 3.3V, 12V? And I guess as a clarification question, you are confident that the beeping is coming from the Wi-FIRE board and not the power supplies that are causing this beeping? Thanks, JColvin
  9. So I finally got the opportunity to try to test it some more and more or less got the same results. I changed the power supply input from the 5V that I was using to different voltages to see if the PowerBrick was just having difficultly with the generating a 5V output from a 5V input, but changing the input voltage to VIN only changed the timespan of the triangle wave fluctuation that I was seeing from 30 ms to slightly over 40 ms. The voltage difference stayed at about 40 mV (which is a little higher than what I was seeing yesterday). The negative rail solidly sits between -5.055 and -5.054 V. Regardless, it's not as large of a swing as you're seeing, but also not what Bianca reported for her module. @Bianca, do you have any further recommendations to try out, or do you agree with my opinion that @lemoneer's particular module is not functioning correctly? Thanks, JColvin
  10. Hello, I don't know if the diagram was updated or not since you looked at it, but to me it looks like it shows 128 Mbit flash on the diagram which is equivalent to the 16 MB listed in the specs. I personally don't know a lot of the differences between the Artix and Spartan families (although Xilinx of course has extensive datasheets on both of them if you wanted to peruse them). From my limited understanding, in general, the Spartan family of FPGAs has fewer resources available than their Artix "equivalents" (presuming that term can be used here). Naturally, this does depend on what chip you are looking at since there are some Spartan 7 chips that have more logic cells than some of the Artix 7 chips (as per Xilinx's 7-series FPGA overview). I don't know how the differences will play out in terms of the Digilent made board though, so we'll both get to wait and see. If I notice that more details that answer some of your questions get put up on our store page or social media channels, I'll try to post it back on this thread. Thanks, JColvin
  11. Hi @lemoneer and @Bianca, I tested a 5V PowerBrick. I'm getting a small amount of fluctuation, but depending on the power supply I use I'm getting between 30 mV and 37 mV of swing in a ~40 ms range, which isn't rock solid to be sure, but also at least 3x less than what you are seeing. Let me do some more testing to see if I can abuse this a little more (and check out some specs). Thanks, JColvin
  12. Hello @lemoneer, I don't recall that being normal operation for the PowerBRICK when I used it; I don't have one available at the moment, but I'll be able to test it out when I get back to my desk on Monday. Thanks, JColvin
  13. Hello, We don't have a lot of information available on the Arty with the Spartan-7 chip available as of yet; you can learn a little bit more about it in this thread on our Forum. I'm pretty excited to see what it has as well since I don't really know anything more than what is mentioned in that thread. Thanks, JColvin
  14. Hello, Unfortunately, Digilent does not maintain or create the Vivado software by Xilinx. After taking a look at this Xilinx Forum thread which it looked you had already posted on, it appears that there isn't anything that Xilinx can do to change this due to U.S. export regulations. You should be able to issue an RMA request with whomever you purchased the Zybo from (either Digilent or a distributor). From my understanding, to start an RMA with Digilent, you will need to email the Digilent sales department at sales @ digilentinc.com and provide them your name, your order number, when you purchased it, and a description of why you are returning it (in this case, because the Xilinx software is not available in your country). I'm sorry I could not be of more help. Thanks, JColvin
  15. Hi @D@n, Thanks for the feedback! Sadly, it doesn't look like the software will let me something like that (despite how simple it sounds in principle), but I'll keep looking. I do agree that some sort of post count would need to be reached before such a rating were implemented though to help avoid any one-hit-wonders. That might not be a fair rating for any senior engineers at Digilent that happen to post an answer on the Forum when it's not their job to do so and never get above 10 posts, but at the same time I suppose at the same time they might be bothered by that anyway. Who knows. I'll look to see what sort of plugins exist for this sort of rating, either by likes or something else, or I may just do something like changing the tag labels given to people based on the number of posts (otherwise by that regard I'd be labeled as the most competent person on the Forum which is a long ways from the truth and just a byproduct of having joined the Forum back in September of 2014). Thanks, JColvin