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  1. JColvin

    Installing Cerebot 32MX4 driver

    Hi @aatm1412, I apologize for the delay. I'm not certain what the issue may be here. With regards to using the device as a USB device (as per the jumper J12) that will attempt to have the module be used as a USB Host/OTG module (using J15) and it will need to be externally powered, which if you are not using an external power source would explain why your computer does not detect the driver. Setting the jumper to USB Debug Port should have the power instead be sourced from the USB port at J11, which may explain why your PC detects the device. What I would try is to set the power to USB Debug Port and when you can see the Microchip WinUSB Device, have your PC uninstall the driver and then re-run the Starter Kit Software to help ensure the correct driver is installed (as opposed to whatever driver Windows 10 decides is appropriate, which may or may not be correct for this older board). I don't physically have the Cerebot 32MX4 for myself to physically test this though, so I can't confirm if this will work or not. Thanks, JColvin
  2. JColvin

    Installation Arduino IDE failed

    Hi @Markus, I don't recall if I had this exact issue with the certificates, but I recall having an issue in the past where I wasn't able to get the Digilent Core installed/working properly on my computer either. What I ended up doing (I don't know if it'll be the same solution for you) was uninstalling the Arduino IDE and then also deleting the Arduino15 folder from the local AppData (Users->yourName->AppData->Local). As an additional question, what is your default browser that you are using? I'm personally using Firefox and know other people have downloaded it successfully with Chrome, so if you're using something different, maybe that would cause the File Signature Verification Failed error? I don't know this for certain though. Thanks, JColvin
  3. JColvin

    liblinxdevice.so ´╗┐sources

    Hello, Unfortunately, there are no plans to update the liblinxdevice.so on GitHub. We do have the source code for the firmware available on GitHub though (https://github.com/MakerHub/LINX/tree/master/LabVIEW/vi.lib/MakerHub/LINX/Firmware/Source) if there is somebody who wants to update it. Thanks, JColvin
  4. JColvin

    100 MHz clock synchronization between two AD2

    Hi @darth458, There a number of threads discussing using multiple AD2's available below (each containing some links to more threads): As you'll find, the limitations are what @xc6lx45 noted. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, JColvin
  5. JColvin

    Analog discovery 2 waveform generator

    Hi @RAN, Unfortunately, I don't believe that functionality is available for the Analog Discovery 2. Thanks, JColvin
  6. JColvin

    Analog Discover 2 Matlab Error

    Hi @Kabron and @Roman C., There has been a recent update to the MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox that now supports the Analog Discovery 2 on both R2018a and R2018b. You can view more information about it here (https://blog.digilentinc.com/the-analog-discovery-2-is-now-supported-in-the-matlab-data-acquisition-toolbox/) and here (https://www.mathworks.com/hardware-support/digilent-analog-discovery.html). Let me know if you have any questions about this. Thanks, JColvin
  7. JColvin

    Arduino serial on WF32

    Hi @kdrewlo, The "Pin #" column in each of the charts is the number labeled on the silkscreen of the WF32. I don't believe the Jx-xx numbers are listed (despite the reference manual saying they are). I will see if this can be updated so that all of the material is consistent. Let me know if this helps. Thanks, JColvin
  8. JColvin

    JTAG-SMT2-NC Letter of Volatility

    Hi @MTremblay, I was able to get the Statement of Volatility for the JTAG SMT2-NC a little bit earlier than anticipated. You can download it from here. Thanks, JColvin
  9. JColvin

    PmodCLS with 20x4 LCD

    Hi @Guacamoleroger, When you say a "20x4" do you mean displaying 20 characters horizontally and 4 characters vertically? I took a look at the datasheet for the LCD screen (available here) and the only options for the display is using a single line of 5x8 dot patterns, a single line of a 5x10 dot patterns, and two lines of 5x8 dot patterns, so my understanding is that the LCD screen simply does not support the 20x4 variant that you are hoping to use. Instead, the most you get is 16 characters in total, 8 for both lines. Thanks, JColvin
  10. JColvin

    Digilent Agent on Fedora 28

    Hi @Peter76, I heard back from the engineer in question. They let me know that if the www directory is empty that you can download an offiline build of WaveForms Live from here and then unpack the archive into the www directory, so hopefully that'll get you up and running sooner. Let me know if you have any more questions about this. Thanks, JColvin
  11. JColvin

    Arduino serial on WF32

    Hello @kdrewlo, The serial example that @jpeyron showed uses the hardware serial library, but it is macroed in some of the Arduino/Digilent core libraries so you do not see it. Additionally, the sketch you have shown was created for a different board than the WF32 (and I think created before the WF32 existed), so pin 10 and pin 11 are not the correct pins for Serial1. As per the Board_Defs.h file for the WF32 (available in ..\AppData\Local\Arduino1\packages\Digilent\hardware\pic32\1.0.4\variants\WF32 for the Arudino download; I don't know where the Windows store app is installed), Serial 1 is based pins 39 and 40 (as well as the Reference manual that @jpeyron linked to), so they will not appear in the Serial Monitor which is only connected to Serial 0 which is on pins 0 and 1 by default. Thanks, JColvin
  12. JColvin

    USB libraries for the Pro MX7

    Hi @jfrenzel, I believe the USB libraries are available on the right hand side of Pro MX7 Resource Center under Documentation in the Microchip Agreement for the Network Shield. While I agree this is intuitive, this will let you download the "chipkit_network_and_usb_libs-20159115.zip" which contains the USB libraries that are mentioned in the Reference Manual. Let me know if you have any questions about this. Thanks, JColvin
  13. JColvin

    pmodIA returning incoherent impedance values!

    Hi @VishnuChittan, The primary document that I would follow is the AD5933 datasheet, specifically pages 17 and 18. The brief equation for the gain factor is as follows: Gain Factor = (1 / Impedance) / Magnitude Where the "Impedance" is the known Impedance that you apply during the calibration process and "Magnitude" is result when you take the square root of the sum of the real data squared and the imaginary data squared. The magnitude calculation is detailed more on page 17 in the Magnitude Calculation section. Let me know if you have any questions about this. Thanks, JColvin
  14. JColvin

    Arty voltage regulator failures

    So that other readers of this thread are aware, we are working with aminorrrrrrr through the RMA process off of this main thread. Thanks, JColvin
  15. JColvin

    JTAG-SMT2-NC Letter of Volatility

    Hi @MTremblay, I have reached out to get the Letter of Volatility; the co-worker I normally receive this information from is out of the office this week though, so unfortunately I won't have this available for you until next week. Thank you, JColvin