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  1. Hi @FabioSchiavon, I have reached out to see if we have some more specific instructions available for updating firmware since it seems you've attempted the things I would have recommended. Though I don't know if the ESP32 will be able to do classic bluetooth since Bluetooth Low Energy devices aren't able communicate with classic bluetooth devices as they don't communicate in the same way. Thanks, JColvin
  2. Hello, Thank you for sharing what you learned. Thanks, JColvin
  3. Hi @JonasS, I'm not quite sure what you mean by connect the VmodTFT to a VmodBB as both of their VHDCI connectors are female. I went digging and created Resource Centers for the materials that I was able to find for these products here and here. It looks like based on the schematics for the VmodBB though that only a select number of pins are specifically routed out to the breakout headers though. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, JColvin
  4. Hi @painterguy1995, I believe (it's been awhile) that the needed drivers either come with the Arduino IDE or are part of the Digilent Core for the Arduino IDE (installation instructions available on our Wiki here: https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/software/tutorials/digilent-core-install/start). *Edit: I checked and the necessary drivers are included with the Digilent Core. The instructions say to use Arduino 1.6.9, but I have used the same core up through 1.8.12 without any issues or needing to install drivers; Windows . My understanding is that MPIDE has been depreciated and is no longer used. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, JColvin
  5. Hi @Yingda, I have sent you a PM. Thanks, JColvin
  6. Hi @svaughn442, I have sent you a PM. Thanks, JColvin
  7. Hi @shami0629, I apologize for the delay; I had meant with regards to a different operating system like Windows so that driver troubles could more easily be ruled out. Thanks, JColvin
  8. Hi @youngpark, I asked another engineer for their opinion on this and they recommended checking everything is being instantiated correctly; when they did a separate test they had an inout that was being instantiated as an obuf. You might try instantiating a port as a GPIO and then making it external which should create an _io port that acts as an inout. This was the code they were testing on one of the boards they had: Thanks, JColvin
  9. Hi @boyerkg, I haven't seen a lite weight implementation for Ethernet. From what I've been able to see, the main trouble is that the transceiver loaded onto the board is a variant that only supports RGMII which needs it's own licensed IP, the TEMAC IP, if you're going the IP route. My understanding is that Microblaze can also be resource hungry in general for complex designs, which can then make some Zynq based devices potentially attractive with their dedicated processor and ethernet core already built in. Thanks, JColvin
  10. Hi @Grigory, Digilent doesn't have a specific example project like the one you're asking for the Nexys 2; you might take a look at these different sources link1, link2. Thanks, JColvin
  11. Hello @slaccio, I have moved your question to a more appropriate section of Forum. Thanks, JColvin
  12. Hi @JShort, I have asked another engineer more familiar with the Instrumentation Protocol and JSON commands for their input. Unfortunately, we do not have any nicely put together/single page documentation for the Instrumentation Protocol as far as I am aware. Thank you, JColvin
  13. Hi @shami0629, If the LEDs flash, then it's at least getting power. Do you happen to have access to a different OS to see if it's detected there (or a different USB cable in case the one currently being used is only intended for charging)? Thanks, JColvin
  14. Thank you for your feedback. I'll put in a request to have this mentioned in the documents, or more realistically a page for troubleshooting connectivity issues. Thanks, JColvin
  15. Hi @nagesh, We do not have any IPs for using the Pmod NIC100; the current source code is dependent on Microchip licenses which has not been ported to work nicely with Xilinx tools (unlike the Pmod WiFi for which one of our engineers wrote their own stack). There is another (older) thread that discusses this here: https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/9402-adding-pmod-nic100-into-zybo-device-tree/. Thanks, JColvin