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  1. Thanks Jon! I noticed the error on the Pmod adapter for the myRIO but didn't think it was a big deal but thanks for fixing it. Todd
  2. Maybe I am looking at this incorrectly, but pins 2&3 of the UART I/O connector (of the myRIO Pmod adapter) for a UART Pmod module are for the UART, but, the schematic for the PmodRS232 show pins 3&4 are the UART Tx/Rx lines. Isn't the PmodRS232 supposed to plug right into the myRIO Pmod adapter? Isn't that the purpose of the Pmod adapter? Since it doesn't look like there is a schematic for the myRIO Pmod adapter, I'll try to check continuity to see how it is really wired, but in the mean-time, maybe someone has an idea how I am supposed to connect the PmodRS232 (maybe using individual wires directly to myRIO and not use the myRIO adapter?)
  3. The Pmod AD5 looks like a good A/D module for my application, but, is there any way to allow it to work with a 0-10V input if only using 1 channel? If using 1 channel, would a simple voltage divider on the input (to step own the voltage) work (what would the max allowed signal source impedance for this to work? Assume a sample rate of 100 Hz or 1 KHz)? If not, any suggestions?