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  1. vlad

    Pmod Step without ip?

    I was asking about the notarobot project,in mine design I just added the driver
  2. vlad

    Pmod Step without ip?

    So I added the driver ,but how the .xci files are created ? As I see in the project code ,it only read the switch value XGpio input; int Analog_input = 0; int D0,D1; XGpio_Initialize(&input, XPAR_AXI_GPIO_0_DEVICE_ID); //initialize input XGpio variable while(1){ Analog_input = XGpio_DiscreteRead(&input,1 ); //get switch data D0= Analog_input&0xFF; D1 = (Analog_input>>8)&0xFF; xil_printf("D0 input = %x \n\r",D0); xil_printf("D1 input = %x \n\r\n\r\n\r",D1); usleep(1000000); }
  3. vlad

    Pmod Step without ip?

    Where is the IP for the Pmos step ? The motorfeedback folder doesn't contain a pmod . Those 2 projects that I found don't have designs .If I try to update their Vivado version a popup comes and tries to download latest version of Vivado even if I use the last one. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Control-a-Stepper-Motor-With-an-FPGA/ http://www.instructables.com/id/Using-the-PmodJSTK-to-Control-Stepper-Motors-on-th/
  4. At the description of the Pmod Step it says that it can drive both motors simultaneously. I want to know if it can drive them with different number of steps on each motor. So the Pmod STEP will be like an 2 in 1 driver or it can only drive identical the motors.