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  1. I need some basic PCB quality certification for Basys3 board and the PMODs. Can it be provided by you ?
  2. I am planning to use Basys 3 and PMOD for UAV project. For designing the box outside it the PCBs must support a vibration of 15G. Request to kindly confirm if the BASYS3 PCB can support 15G vibration ?
  3. Is there any license which is provided alongwith Basys 3 board. Can the Basys3 board programmed using Vivado webpack ?
  4. Does Bays3 can be only programmed using Xilinx ISE or shall it require Vivado to program it.
  5. @jpeyron : Can you please share any kind of environmental testing , which has been done on PMOD or Basys3 board
  6. @jpeyron and @ Jcolvin : I was need of step file for PMOD SSR ? Can you please share the same
  7. Dear @Jcolvin and @jpeyron . Can I get the Step file for PMOD Mount Clip
  8. Thank You !! @JColvin and @jpeyron . Will wait for the PMOD SSR mounting.
  9. Request to kindly add PMOD SSR also to the list.
  10. Where can i get mounting arrangement and hole size details of STEP file for Basys3 . Pmod LVSHFT , PMOD RS232 and PMOD UART
  11. Are there any test certificate for operating range of Basys 3 boards ?
  12. What is the operating temperature range of Basys 3 Board and Digilent PMOD modules ?