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    I need to convert CMOS to TTL logic for a protocol,so i am using PMOD LVLSHFT allongwith BAYSYS3 board. For testing the same with emulator for the protocol i am using another BAYSYS3 and PMOD LVLSHFT. If I am removing the PMOD LVLSHFT the protocol and emulator are working fine, but when i am inserting the PMOD LVLSHFT PCB the digital lines get corrupted. Can you please suggest is there any setting which needs to be done in the XDC file for the same.
  2. @jpeyron is there any other way to find how rugged the PCB's are.
  3. @jpeyron : Thanks for the help , will wait for your response.
  4. I need some basic PCB quality certification for Basys3 board and the PMODs. Can it be provided by you ?
  5. I am planning to use Basys 3 and PMOD for UAV project. For designing the box outside it the PCBs must support a vibration of 15G. Request to kindly confirm if the BASYS3 PCB can support 15G vibration ?
  6. Is there any license which is provided alongwith Basys 3 board. Can the Basys3 board programmed using Vivado webpack ?
  7. Does Bays3 can be only programmed using Xilinx ISE or shall it require Vivado to program it.
  8. @jpeyron : Can you please share any kind of environmental testing , which has been done on PMOD or Basys3 board
  9. @jpeyron and @ Jcolvin : I was need of step file for PMOD SSR ? Can you please share the same
  10. Dear @Jcolvin and @jpeyron . Can I get the Step file for PMOD Mount Clip
  11. Thank You !! @JColvin and @jpeyron . Will wait for the PMOD SSR mounting.
  12. Where can i get mounting arrangement and hole size details of STEP file for Basys3 . Pmod LVSHFT , PMOD RS232 and PMOD UART