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  1. JTAG-HS2 firmware erased by accident

    Thanks Bianca, It worked perfectly for me.
  2. Help for Supporting Multiple Digilent HS2 Jtag adapter

    Hi Jon, same issue has been reproduced when I opened FTDI- FT Prog application. When I connect 2 or more JTAG's, it duplicates the information to all JTAG's. Attached Screen shot for reference. Thanks, Deepak
  3. JTAG-HS2 firmware erased by accident

    Hi Digilent, I have same issue when I tried to change serial number of HS2 Rev A. Now I am not able to detect JTAG through my application. When I see through FT_Prog hex output I see that some fields got erased. Can you help. ? Thanks in Advance, Deepak