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  1. Ok, thanks. One more doubt: I am running the acceptance test, specifically I am running each test individually. The first one I used make ddr3A. Everything seems to be ok, but as you can see in the picture attached it stops on 60%. How much time does it need to finish this test? Regards, Fabio.
  2. Dear Sbobrowicz, I ran the command you mentioned and it seems that everything was ok. The messages I got were: Configuring FPGA... FPGA configuration succeeded. Erasing Flash: 100% Writing Flash: 100% Verifying Flash: 100% Configuration Successfully Written to Flash Now LED LD4 is in orange color. But the LD10 is still in red. Is it ok? Regards Fábio (Regis' Advisor)
  3. Dears, we are running the command: $ dsumecfg reconfig -d NetSUME -s 0 and getting the following messages: FPGA Configuration succeeded ERROR: FPGA is NOT configured The first message says that it is ok, but the second message seems to show some problems. Anybody knows what is that? Regards, Fábio.