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  1. Thanks Kristoff! I couldn't get the serial console to work, I think there's an issue with OSX's screen command working with high bitrate devices. However, the openscope did start connecting to our wifi on restarts. I didn't change anything about the network or the device it just started working...apparently I did something to make the pixies in there happy
  2. I double checked the advanced settings when I did the wifi setup a few times and all the options were ticked. When I'd restart the OpenScope (and it wasn't connecting to the wifi), click wifi setup and check the advance settings sometimes the Auto-Connect was unchecked (but the others were still checked). Also, initially (maybe like the first few times I tried it) it would loose the name I'd set for it too.
  3. Hi Kristoff! Yes, the reconnect works every time (I tried it maybe 20 times) I have tried 2 networks; A ubiquity AP and I've tried it once or with an apple airport The ssid is Z-2G and it uses WPA2 The opensource is powered from a 12w usb powersupply (or off the port on my macbook); I've tried it with a usb power bank too. I don't think there's anything unique; the device is about 15' from the AP (clear line of site). We have probably 20 devices attached to our network (many of them embedded). The only unique thing is our 5g network is meshed but it's on it's own ssid. Are there any startup logs we can look at? Thanks! -raj
  4. I'm experience a similar problem. In my case I have to use the Digilent Agent to connect and manually setup wifi every time I power up the Open Scope (I get blinking blue light only); some times my network appears in the saved network list and other times it doesn't. I'm on firmware 1.296.