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  1. I am using Esp8266 EEPROM to store configuration params, but since WiFire doesn't have EEPROM how do I best store permanent data? Where can I find API for WiFire Flash? Any better way will maybe change values 1k-5k times total.
  2. Hi, When I move the jumper to 5V on JP1-3.3V/5.0V Shield Voltage Select J1-Shield Power Connector goes from 3.24V -> 0V "The 5 V regulator can be completely disabled if it is not needed for a given application." Is that done with J15(rev.D)/J16(rev.C)- 5.0V Regulator Configuration. By moving both jumpers to the right? Thats how I am getting 0V on the shield power pin. If I move both jumpers to the left, I get 3.85Volt on the shield power pin, but that is still far from 5.0Volt! I can't "easily" find a description of how the many jumpers work on the Wi-Fire. Is it a Regulator Configuration issue that gives me 3.85V instead of 5V? Thanks, Appreciate your help! Olaf https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/microprocessor/wi-fire/reference-manual is for Wi-FIRE rev.D, if possible where can I get one for rev.C?
  3. Hi, I have a few questions in this task. 1. What is the best Arduino board package to use for the Wi-FIRE board? a. https://github.com/chipKIT32/chipKIT-core/raw/master/package_chipkit_index.json b. https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/digilent/Software/Digilent_Core/package_digilent_index.json Both seem to run the basic blink sketch. I lean toward b. since I can specifically select "Wi-FIRE (rev.C)" Just wonder if Digilent is fully up-to-date with Wi-FIRE since they still are teaching how to use MPIDE, and http://chipkit.net/wiki/index.php?title=ChipKIT_core states "Note that the chipKIT core replaced the need for MPIDE" 2. I am replacing #include <ESP8266WiFi.h> with #include <MRF24G.h> , #include <DEIPcK.h> and #include <DEWFcK.h>. Are there any documentation that fully describe the API for these MRF24WG0MA libraries, beside the source code and some example programs? Thanks Olaf
  4. I am working with embedded/IoT stuff. Happy to be here Olaf