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  1. Dear Sirs, I am an electronics enthusiast who has been coding since I was about 8 years old (now 50+). I have had to stop work to care for my wife who is unwell but I am still trying to learn new things and educate myself (and others) on the way I have kindly been sent some PSoC development boards by Cypress and Microchip and have spent the last year learning PSoC, but I would now like to progress to a new challenge. I am interested in learning more about FPGA's as was wondering if there is any possibility that you may be able to lend me any type of development board so that I may continue my education. I am sorry to ask but as I are now forced to live on state benefits buying such educational materials for myself is out of the question so my only remaining options are to ask manufacturers such as yourselves politely or cease pursuing my hobby. I thank you for your time and look forward to receiving your reply. I can guarantee that the products will be used and not put on a shelf @EEVBlog style! Kindest regards, Rupert