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  1. aitan

    .bit and .bin loader

    Thanks, I assume it would work with Basys3 . Aitan
  2. aitan

    .bit and .bin loader

    Is there a compact software utility to load the .bit or .bin file or both . It would be helpful if you want to send those files to people that do not use Vivado or if you just need to reprogram on a computer that does not have the Vivado SW thanks Aitan
  3. aitan

    USB uart bridge

    I was interested to know how do I set the FTDI chip serial side form 9600 to another rate.
  4. aitan

    USB uart bridge

    I was asking about changing the baud rate of the FTDI bride itself not the UART in the FPGA
  5. aitan

    USB uart bridge

    I just started with the Basys3 board and have a few questions about the UART bridge. 1) page 4 of the Basys3 board is missing from the schematic , that is the page where the UART is whay is it missing. 2) seems like the examples are at 9600 baud , the FTDI chip can operate at much faster rate , what is the best way to change it. thanks Aitan