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  1. Great! This was very interesting and i will go ahead testing it Thank you very much Arthur! -SB
  2. Great! Thanx, i got that one up and running. I also wanna say for others do press "Block automation" to make interfaces for fixed_Io & DDR when u need to get the interfaces made. Now i need to figure out how the sdk and verilog part talk together -SB
  3. Hi! I got an Arty Z7-20 board and want to look at the UART. I can't find a way to access the USB-UART bridge from verilog - fpga (i'm missing the RX and TX pin) I found this in the board referance: What does this mean? On the Arty board i found that A9 and D10 was the RX / TX. -SB
  4. Thank you for the assistance, i managed to get it working. The thing i had to do was to use the Xilinx information center to do all upgrades of the software (there was one pending that i had not noticed). Then i needed to enter the "Add design tools and devices" from Xilinx program folder in start menu. In there i had to add the Zynx cpu's that i was missing + i also installed some other upgrades, after that my bord did show up in the menu and i could run a "Hello FPGA World" -SB
  5. Hi All! Just started looking at fpga's and hit a little wall I bought a Arty Z7-20 and installed Vivado 2017.3 I found the guides to insert board files and inserted those into board_files, now some of the Digilent boards show up but not mine (i'm able to see Arty, Base3, Cmod's and several Nexys that have Digilent as vendor) My system is a Windows 7, 64 bit machine. Hope u can push me in the right direction! Thanx in advance -SB