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  1. the error are : note: candidate function template not viable: requires 3 arguments, but 5 were provided void dut_mmult_accel_core ( sorce/main.cpp:645:2: error: no matching function for call to 'dut_mmult_accel_core' dut_mmult_accel_core <float, 60, 1*60, 4, 5, 5>(in_stream, out_stream, predict_label1_hw_trig,precision1_hw_trig,prob_estimates_t1_hw_trig); ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ `dut_mmult_accel_core <float, 60, 1*60, 4, 5, 5>(in_stream, out_stream, predict_label1_hw_trig,precision1_hw_trig,prob_estimates_t1_hw_trig);` where (predict_label1_hw_trig,precision1_hw_trig,prob_estimates_t1_hw_trig):output ``` template <typename T, int DIM1,int DIM2,int DIMa,int DIMb,int DIMc,int DIMd,int DIMe,int DIMf, int SIZE, int U, int TI, int TD> void dut_mmult_accel_core ( AXI_VAL in_stream[SIZE], AXI_VAL out_stream[3*SIZE], //volatile ap_uint<1> *hw_trig) volatile ap_uint<1> *predict_label1_hw_trig; volatile ap_uint<1> *precision1_hw_trig; volatile ap_uint<1> *prob_estimates_t1_hw; { // Map ports to Vivado HLS interfaces #pragma HLS INTERFACE ap_fifo port=in_stream #pragma HLS INTERFACE ap_fifo port=out_stream // Map HLS ports to AXI interfaces #pragma HLS RESOURCE variable=in_stream core=AXIS metadata="-bus_bundle INPUT_STREAM" #pragma HLS RESOURCE variable=out_stream core=AXIS metadata="-bus_bundle OUTPUT_STREAM" #pragma HLS RESOURCE variable=return core=AXI4LiteS metadata="-bus_bundle CONTROL_BUS" ap_uint<1> logic_zero = 0; ap_uint<1> logic_one = 1; T LabelS [DIM1][DIM2]; T out predict_label1[DIMa][DIMb]; T out precision1[DIMc][DIMd]; T out prob_estimates_t1[DIMe][DIMf]; *predict_label1_trig = logic_zero; *precision1_trig = logic_zero; *prob_estimates_t1_trig = logic_zero; assert(sizeof(T)*8 == 32); *predict_label1_trig = logic_one; *precision1_trig = logic_one; *prob_estimates_t1_trig = logic_one; ```